I made this little plugin to fix new players getting stuck in walls or spawning on roofs, etc. and dying when they first log into the server.

It works by running a command after a configurable amount of ticks when players log in for the first time (or they don't have a player file).

I thought I should upload it here in case someone might find it useful. I couldn't find anything to do what I wanted so here it is.


The config.yml file should be automatically generated for you the first time you start your server with the plugin in your plugins folder and add any new variables on plugin updates with their defaults.

ticks: 20
The number of ticks to wait before running the command.

command: spawn
The command to run after waiting the number of ticks.

  • Will replace any occurances of PLAYERNAME in the command with the player's name.
  • Will replace any occurances of PLAYERUUID in the command with the player's UUID.

Note that if you use spawn as your command you should have a plugin that provides that command or it won't work.

runas: player
Enter player or console to choose to run the command as the player or as console.

span: 5000
The number of milliseconds the player must have been logged in to avoid the command being run when they join.

prevent_new_logins: false
Stops new players from logging in.

prevent_message: "New players are not currently allowed to login. Please try again later."
The message to display to players who are prevented from logging in.


/ffl prevent <on|off>
Turn on or off the preventing of new players from logging in. Default: off (new players can login by default)

/ffl reload
Reload the config from disk.


Gives access to use /ffl prevent <on|off>

Gives access to use /ffl reload

Gives all FixFirstLogin permissions.
Note: Before FixFirstLogin v1.4 this permission was ffl.*



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