Fix Wood Steps

NOTE: This plugin is useful for servers that have worlds generated before MC 1.3, before 4 wood step types appeared.

What does this do ?

It monitors chunks and inventories to replace any old wood steps (name tagged as "Wooden slabs", which were only mined with pickaxes) with the MC 1.3's wood steps (name tagged as "Oak wood slabs", which can be mined with axes).


  • Fix existing chunks by replacing old wood steps
    • Chunks are added to a queue to minimize lag
    • Chunks are memorized in "fixedChunks.dat" file, delete it if you restore backups of worlds or stuff like that!
    • Configurable queue settings in config.yml (generated after first run)
  • Fix existing old wood step items in inventories
    • When players close an inventory the items are checked
    • When player swaps items in hand are also checked

If plugin was running and you want to restore some world backups or do massive changes to the world that may add the old wood steps back and you want this plugin to keep replacing them you'll need to delete the "fixedChunks.dat" file.


NOTE: Once installed, the plugin begins doing its thing, there is no 'undo'. But just in case something goes bad, you should backup your worlds.

  • Download the .jar and place it in your "plugins" folder (
  • Start the server and you're all set !
  • Optionally you can edit the "plugins/FixWoodSteps/config.yml" file which is generated after the first start but it's only read when server is restarted.

Source code ?

Source code is inside the jar file.


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