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Fish Broadcast (works with 1.6.4 or later)

This plugin makes auto-repeating broadcasts easier.

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Just copy the .jar file into your plugins folder before starting the server

Setup - adding messages

Use the following command to add the messages to be broadcasted by the plugin:

/brc add <your message here>


/brc add Thanks for playing with us and keep at it!

The plugin will keep on broadcasting the messages one by one with a delay between.

Colors and Formatting

You can use the Minecraft formatting codes (as described at Minecraft Gamepedia) to add colors and formatting into your messages.

All Commands (grouped by required permission)

fish.broadcast.manage permission:

/brc add <The message to be added>adds given message to be broadcasted
/brc remove <The message number to be removed>removes the given message from being broadcasted by the plugin, you can get the message number using /brc list
/brc edit <Message number> <New message body>change body of the message with a given number to the new value
/brc reloadreloads the plugin configuration in case if you have edited the config.yml file directly
/brc delay <delay between messages in seconds>sets the delay between messages to the given number of seconds (it's 20 seconds by default)
/brc token <token name> <token value>sets a token with given name to the given value
/brc token <token name>removes token with given name

fish.broadcast.list permission:

/brc listlists all messages with their assigned numbers that may be used for removing them
/brc tokenslists all configured tokens


Permission nameDescription
fish.broadcast.manageallows messages/tokens management - adding, removing and configuration reloading
fish.broadcast.listallows messages/tokens listing

Tokens (new in version 2.0!)

Tokens are a name/value items that may be used in messages and are replaced with their values before broadcast. A sample token (named ServerName) can be set with /brc token command:

/brc token ServerName []

This sets ServerName token value to []. Use dollar sign ($) as a prefix and suffix to add the token to the message, e.g.:

/brc add $ServerName$ Welcome to the server!

This will add the following message to the broadcast:

[] Welcome to the server!

Configuration (config.yml)

delay: 20 # number of seconds between messages
messages: # a list of messages to be broadcasted
  - Thanks for playing with us! 
  - Keep at it!
tokens: # tokens configuration (name: value)
  ServerName: "[]"
delimiters: # token delimiters (i.e. prefix / suffix which are both $ by default)
  start: "<"
  stop: ">"


The jar files are compiled for Java 7 or later and verified to be fully compatible with 1.6.2, 1.6.4 and 1.7.2 servers (including Spigot).

Metrics (version 2.1+)

This plugin utilises Hidendra's metrics system. You can opt-out by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true. The following information is collected and sent to unique identifier, Java version, server status, the plugin's version, the server's version, the OS version/name and architecture, the core count for the CPU, the number of players online, and the Metrics version.

Final Notes

The actual power that drives the development of this plugin comes from the Omega-3 acid that also powers the Pan Ryba Minecraft Server.

Eat fish and enjoy! :-)


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