FirstSpawn, control the new noobs
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If you wan't to control the noobs joining for the first time on you server, then you need FirstSpawn!


  • Spawn new players on a diffrent place then normal!
  • Make a holding cell, so players need to do something before they can leave!
  • Completely customizable!
  • Custom commands!
  • Easy to set up!
  • Extremely easy to use!
  • Very few user commands!
  • Supports Permissions!


Setting up FirstSpawn is easy, but it is a little involved.

BASIC setup

  • Stop your server.
  • Download the jar-file from the bukkit page.
  • Place the jar-file in your server's plugins-folder.
  • Start the server again. This process will generate a config-file (config.yml) in the plugins/FirstSpawn-folder.
  • Join you server and stand where you and the new player to spawn.
  • Type in the chat: /fs set. This will set you FSP (FirstSpawn Point). - Make sure you have the right permission!
  • To finish type in the chat: /fs reload.


The advanced setup is extualy the basic setup with a custom spawnpoint is the player has a certain permission.

  • Open the config-file (config.yml) in the plugins/FirstSpawn-folder.
  • Set the SpawnPoint>Enable to true. - Enable: true
  • Save the config-file and go back in the game.
  • In-Game chose a position you want players with a certain permission to spawn.
  • Type in the chat: /fs setspawn
  • To finish type in the chat: /fs reload.


firstspawnfsTeleports you to the FirstSpawn positionFirstSpawn.use
firstspawn setfs setSet the FSP (FirstSpawn Point)FirstSpawn.admin
firstspawn setspawnfs setspawnSet the SpawnPointFirstSpawn.admin
firstspawn versionfs versionShows the current plugin versionFirstSpawn.admin
firstspawn reloadfs reloadReload the FirstSpawn PluginFirstSpawn.admin
--Let players always spawn on FirstSpawn point or if SpawnPoint is enabled. They will spawn thereFirstSpawn.hold


If you are experiencing problems with FirstSpawn, please try to follow these simple steps before posting a ticket or posting a comment as it will make everything much, much easier for everyone in the troubleshooting and debugging process:

1. Check the server log

The first thing you must do is check the server log for any exceptions (don't know what an exception looks like? Click here). If the exception looks like the following, you are using tabs instead of spaces in your config-file (which is punishable by death):

[SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\FirstSpawn.jar' in folder 'plugins':
while scanning for the next token
found character         '\t' that cannot start any token
 in "<reader>", line 15, column 1:

If it doesn't look like that exception, just copy it into a pastebin or a pastie, and include it in your bug report ticket. Please don't post bug reports in the comments because that is rather anoying to read.

2. Try your setup on a fresh server

If at all possible, try setting up a local test server (don't know how? follow this guide), on which you install nothing but FirstSpawn. Now copy the config-file that you're using on your live server where you experienced the problem, and see if you can reproduce it. If not, you most likely have a conflicting plugin (read the next section).

3. Find possible plugin conflicts

Try removing all other plugins from your server. Do this by stopping the server, moving all the .jar files into a different folder than the plugins-folder, and then starting up the server again. If the problem persists, it's a problem with FirstSpawn, but if not, it's a conflicting plugin, and if so, try to add half of the plugins back at a time (binary search), and test every time you do, so you can figure out which plugin is causing the conflict.


  • Does not work with other spawn handling plugins like EssentialsSpawn.

AutoUpdate and Metrics

This plugin checks if there is a update available if the owner joins the game. You can disable this by setting AllowUpdateCheck to false in the config.

This plugin also uses MCStats Metrics to collect anonymous information. You can disable this by setting opt-out: true in the config of metrics. That is located in /plugin/metrics/.


Creative Commons License

FirstSpawn by TakeMeNL is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Netherlands License

Based on a work at GitLab


MCStats - FirstSpawn



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