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    May 10, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2



  • Added "/firstjoinplus motd" command to test viewing your first join MOTD.
  • Added simple update checking.
  • Fixed players with display names showing as they joined for the first time.
  • Fixed giving players items on their first join.


  • If updating, please delete your config file and let a new one generate.
  • Added a /fjp alias (you can now use that instead of /firstjoinplus for all commands).
  • Added the ability to set a first join spawnpoint with /firstjoinplus setspawn. Teleport to it with /firstjoinplus spawn.
  • Added support to define multiple first join items (in the format of "itemid.amount.datavalue" - e.x. "57.32.0" would give you 32 diamond blocks).
  • Added ability to create a first join MOTD (display a custom message to players on their first join).
  • Added "onlyfirstjoin" config option to force the plugin to *only* deal with things related to first joining (this will disable things such as the custom join messages).
  • Added ability to use the %number% variable in the first join message.
  • Added "numberonfirstjoin" config option to make the number of unique players show only on first join and not on every join.
  • Added support to show the player's display name instead of their username in all messages.
  • Added support for other chat plugins to handle the join/leave/kick messages (if those options are disabled).
  • Fixed the /firstjoinplus reload command (it works now!).
  • Fixed the blank "ghost lines" from showing if join/leave/kick messages were disabled.
  • Code cleanup!