This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

FireFighter: The best Plugin for a real Firemission

We are looking for a new Developer. Please contact technisat

Firefighter is the new Plugin for preventing fire in your World. Players who are firefighter get a message if a Region (WorldGuard) in your world is burning and give them permission to extinguisher.

-> Firefighters needs to send a letter of aprentice to be a FireFighter
-> Firefighter let you create a Base and modify it
-> Firefighters get a Kit that includes a infinitve ladder, a Axe and 20 special water bucket
-> SpecialWaterBucket: The water will be placed anf then faster as it can go out replaced to air. No water damage
-> WS: If the Firefighters Water goes empty he can go to the next WaterStation and get a new Kit
-> Firefighters can place Water on Fire and Ladders on red wool without being a member or owner of that Region
-> An Fire Alert can be done automatic if its burn somewhere or with a Command
-> If the alert ends and the fire stopped, the Firefighters will be tp to the base and get their old Items back
-> The Axe can break LWC Protected doors to rescue user and attack fire inside the building

/firef join - To send a wish to be a FireFighter
/firef apply [Player] - to set thenPlayer to a Firefighter and his PermGroup
/firef not [Player] - dissallow to be a firefighter
/firef add [Player] -Set a Player as Firefighter
/firef kick [Player] - Remove Player as Firefighter
/firef remove [Name] - Remove a base
/firef fire - Set a fire alert
/firef back - Go back to the Position before TP to base
/firef create base [Name] [Typ] - To create a Firebase.
/firef delete [Name] -delete a base
/firef - info|
/firef help - show help


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