Firebug is a simple plugin designed simply to discipline griefers that use Flint & Steel. How exactly does it do that? It ignites them.

Current Version: 1.4
(Note the most current version is always available on Mediafire, but not always on here, since all files must be approved.)


  • Burns any player using Flint & Steel
  • Optionally sends a message to the offending player
  • Optionally sends a notification to the console for logging.
  • (Please note that it does not remove the fire at this time.)
  • Superperm support! node for safe usage is firebug.canusefire

Mirror downloads

Firebug on MediaFire

Todo List
  • <s>Permissions Support (Allow some groups to safely use F&S)</s> 1.3!
  • <s>Optionally remove the fire created</s>1.4
  • <s>Configuration at all.</s>1.1
  • <s>Optional and configurable message to player when trying to use F&S</s> 1.1
  • Configurable punishment type (Kill, inflict damage, Lightning?)
  • <s>Configurable replace/remove F&S</s>1.4
  • <s>Optional Logging to file</s>1.2
  • Optionally announce "(Player) was caught using Flint and Steel!" to the server.
If you have a suggested feature not listed here, please post it in a comment!
Report any bugs on the Ticket tracker

xUnholyvisioNx: Volunteering for the banner screenshot
LordNed: Helping me with all sorts of config problems.


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