Added offline support.Please Note: Offline or cracked servers will not store past IP address data. I have no intention of changing this behavior at the current time.

Summary of features

FindIP is a lightweight plugin that allows mods and admins to quickly and easily find the IP address of any specified user with a simple command (/ip <player>). FindIP also stores past Ip addresses of users so you can quickly and easily tell what IP addresses users tend to connect from and if two accounts are likely to be controlled by the same person (alt accounts). In addition, you can use /compare <player1> <player2> to compare two player's IP addresses.


Only two permissions are required, which allows the user to execute the /ip command and the compare command:

  • findip.get

Feature Requests and Bugs

Please use the tracker to request features/bugs.


Originally requested and improved by Reptar_

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