Current limitations and their fixes - FAQ

While using Film Maker, you may encounter a few annoyances that can seem life-ending. Don't sweat it! For every problem or annoyance I can't fix, there's a viable solution ready that will remedy, if not fully fix, whatever you're dealing with.

FAQ from my Beta testers

"Those bubbles look nasty, can you turn them off?"

Currently, when you activate an effect, bubbles will appear akin to the ones that do after drinking a potion. I apologize for those ugly things, but while I work on getting rid of those bubbles, you can make them disappear by turning your "Particles" option in Minecraft's Video Settings to "Minimal".

"My zoom goes crazy when I turn on an effect!"

Please be aware that when you change your speed, your field of view may change as well. I cannot control this, as it's hard coded into the way Minecraft handles the effects I use. Don't worry, these changes aren't permanent, they're directly linked to whatever effect you're using so your FoV will go back to normal once you turn off the effect. Even better, changing your personal field of view through the pause menu will even out any changes made by the slowing effects of Film Maker. However, when speeding, I highly recommend lowering your FoV as low you can, as the speeding effects will drastically zoom out the camera. Again, I apologize for this, but there's not much I can do.

"Why is there a countdown timer for my effect when I open my inventory? You didn't tell me I had a time limit!"

In 1.3, one of the many new inventory features to make an appearance was the potion effect timer. Since my plugin is powered by potion effects, any effects applied will show up in your inventory. Now while the inventory potion-effect timers may show your effect doomed to wear off much shorter than I claim they do, don't sweat it. Every effect is made to last for 12 hours, so when the counter gets down to 0:00, there will still be almost half a day left until your effect actually wears off. And even if somehow those 12 hours pass and you haven't yet turned it off, all it takes is a simple command to turn it back on again.

"It doesn't affect creative flying!"

While I know this is annoying, I don't think I can do much to fix it, because like the FOV changes, it's built right into the effects I use. However, a client-side flying mod like Zombe's Fly Mod should work fine with Film Maker, as it treats Zombe's flying like normal walking.


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