Introducing FilmMaker, a command-based take on Minecraft filmmaking!

Change your movement speed with ease (and more soon to come) to allow for more professional, precise filming on your Bukkit-powered Minecraft server. Eliminating the annoying need to crouch and install mods to get right the speed you want, FilmMaker allows you to take control your movement speed with a single command.

Originally made as a small request for another user, I'm deciding to add more features and functionality to a potentially very useful plugin for anyone serious about their recording careers. Currently, it has the ability to slow you down and speed you up by 6 different speeds to allow you to take more precise shots and scenes where punctuality is key.

  • /filmmaker - Plugin info and version number
  • /filmmaker off - Turns off any and all active Film Maker effects
  • /filmmaker help [Page] - Command help for Film Maker
  • /filmmaker slow [#1-6] - Slows your movement from levels 1-6, with 6 being the strongest
  • /filmmaker slow off - Turns off any active slowing effects
  • /filmmaker fast [#1-6] - Speeds up your movement from levels 1-6, with 6 being the strongest - I highly recommend putting your FoV on as low as it can go when using this feature.
  • /filmmaker fast off - Turns off any active speeding effects
  • filmmaker.* - Gives holder access to every Film Maker command
  • filmmaker.slow - Gives holder access to all slowing commands
  • - Gives holder access to all speeding commands

While there aren't any bugs (yet), there are some current limitations.

Fortunately, they have very easy fixes.

To-do list:
  • Eliminate the cosmetic bubbles that appear when an effect is in use
  • Add new /filmmaker speed commands to give the user higher speed - Done
  • Add new /filmmaker jump commands to give the user more powerful jumps

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions at all, please don't hesitate to speak your mind! I'd love to hear feedback on what works and what you'd like to see. If a suggestion is plausible for me to code and inside the scope of FilmMaker, then there's a very good chance I'll add it!


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