FigAdmin v5.0.2

FigAdmin is a simple /ban /tempban /kick administration plugin Some features include:
  • Ban records
  • IP banning
  • Editing bans (very thorough)
  • Warnings
  • MySql or Flatfile support
  • PHP script for a public banlist table (if you use MySQL)
  • Export bans to vanilla minecraft banned-players.json and banned-ips.json



  1. Download latest version of FigAdmin and put it in plugins/ folder
  2. Restart server with save-all and then stop
  3. Find the FigAdmin config file in plugins/FigAdmin/config.yml and edit it till you are happy
  4. Do /reloadfig

UUID support:

FigAdmin has full uuid support. In addition, you can perma-ban a player that has not been on your server before if you spell their name correctly. Remember minecraft usernames are case sensitive.

Plugin Usage:

  • /ban player (reason) - bans player
  • /tempban player time sec/min/hour/day/week/month (reason) - Temporarily ban player
  • /ipban on|off turns - IP banning on/off (will IP ban only for online players)
  • /unban player - unbans player
  • /unbanip ip - unbans players with ip
  • /checkban player - Checks to see if player is banned
  • /kick player (reason) - kicks player
  • /kick * - kicks all the players from the server
  • /warn player reason - Issues a warning to given player
  • /clearwarnings player - Clears warnings for given player
  • /exportbans - Writes ban database out to banned-players.txt (Vanilla ban list)
  • /reloadfig - Reloads FigAdmin
  • /figadmin - Displays version info


  • /ban - figadmin.ban
  • /tempban - figadmin.tempban
  • /ipban - figadmin.ipban
  • /unban - figadmin.unban
  • /unbanip - figadmin.unbanip
  • /checkban - figadmin.checkban
  • /kick - figadmin.kick
  • /kick * - figadmin.kick.all
  • /warn - figadmin.warn
  • /clearwarnings - figadmin.clearwarnings
  • /exportbans - figadmin.export
  • /reloadfig - figadmin.reload
  • /importkiwi - Must be a server operator

Editing bans

To edit a ban you start by getting it's ID
/eb search playername
Then once you have an ID number you can
/eb select 123
From there you can modify it with other commands such as /eb time add 1 day
Then finally
/eb save or /eb cancel

Config Option

Most of the config options are self-explanatory.
  • ip-ban: when this is set to 'true' all online players that are banned are also IP banned
  • auto-ban-on-warnings: when this set to any number greater than 0 players will be automatically temp-banned.
  • auto-ban-time: Auto temp ban time (see above); i.e. '1 day'
For example if auto-ban-on-warnings is set to 2 then if a player receives 3 warnings then they will be temp banned for 1 day. NOTE: When a player is auto-temp banned their warnings will also be cleared.

PHP banlist Script

Source Code

If you are Polish, there is a Polish video tutorial here:

FigAdmin is an updated version of KiwiAdmin by yottabyte. Outdated KiwiAdmin


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