What it does

this is a plugin to make your kingdom server better, with this plugin you can define as many as you want empire rods, an empire rod is a custom item that can shoot magic spells, like exploding or thunder arrows

how to instal

press the download button at the top right to download this plugin and place it inside your plugins directory, after you did that, it will generate a configuration file that you can use to configure the empire rods like you want. Notice you also need the plugins listed as dependency at the right of the page.

how to use it

this is an kingdom plugin and the use is straight forward, craft the default empire want using the default recipe on the crafting bench and you get an empire want, using this empire want you can fire its action using left mouse button, and select anotheraction using your rigth mouse button. the plugin contains 30 spells, but they all easy to use.

Notice that you can do shift right mouse button to select the previous spell.


ferryempire.spells.<spell name> - allows that spell

ferryempire.spells.* - allows al spells

ferryempire.rods.spawn.<rod id> - permission to spawn a empire rod (not yet implemented in code)

ferryempire.rods.spawn.* - permission to spawn all empire rods (not yet implemented in code)


what can you edit using the config

You can edit the following things on this plugin using the configuration:

  • the power every empire wand has (if this is 0 you can't shoot any spells with it)
  • if a empire wand uses power
  • the amount of durability the empire want has (if this is 0 it breaks)
  • if a empire want uses durability (useful when you don't want a OP wand)
  • the name of the empire wand
  • the recipe (add as many as you want, the default comes with 2 recipes)

configuration templates

Here will I list epic configurations for the empire plugin so you don't need to write them for yourself

planned spells

  • Water walking - allows you to walk over water
  • Cave walking - allows you to walk through walls

not working spells

  • double jump - I didn't start on the code yet


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