This plugin changes fences into wires, that can apply current from redstone circuit into your lamp!


They are many questions / requests about making street lamps that can be turned on/off from redstone circuit.

How it works?

Just like on a picture:


Basic usage

Create a fence pilar (lower or equal to 5 blocks), put redstone lamp over it. Apply the power from the bottom, via powered block or directly - and viola, you've got a working street lamp!

For v0.2x please use Glass block instead of redstone lamp. Plugin will keep old config on updating to >= 0.30, so you will need to edit it by hand, or delete to allow recreate with new defaults.

Advanced usage

You can customize lamp ON and OFF blocks, how far is current transfered and type of fence used, by config.yml:

#maximum vertical current length 
MAX_V: 5
#0 - normal fence; 1 - netherbrick fence
LAMP_ON: 125
#try to change this if you have problems

Example with glass & glowstone:


Commands and permissions

/fencelamps reload - fencelamps.reload - allows to reload config file from game

More info

This is my very first bukkit plugin and java program too. Was tested on two servers and it's working ok, but I'm afraid that code is not perfect - and i'm open to any suggestions about how can I improve it. Source is available on my GitHub: https://github.com/kitor/FenceLamps

Support & Thanks

We also invite all Polish-speaking user to our server: http://mc.dlk.pl. And here I want to thank kolorafa for his support when I started changing idea of this plugin into working code.


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