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FeatherEconomy- light as a feather

FeatherEconomy is a simple and lightweight economy plugin designed to provide full support for the latest Minecraft updates while still providing a lightweight and simple player experience.


  • Full UUID support
  • Custom currency names
  • Basic economy commands (/balance, /pay)
  • Automatic updates
  • Lightweight developer API

NOTE: The GitHub documentation is currently a work in progress.




/econ set - Set a player's balance. /econ update- Manually download an update. /balance - View your (or another player's) balance. /pay - Pay another player.


feathereconomy.balance.view: description: View your balance. default: true feathereconomy.balance.other: description: View another player's balance. default: op feathereconomy.pay: description: Pay another player from your balance. default: true feathereconomy.set: description: Set a player's balance. default: op feathereconomy.update: description: Be notified of and manually download updates. default: op feathereconomy.reload: description: Reload the plugin's configuration. default: op

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the full documentation


Upon start-up, the plugin automatically checks for an update and downloads it. To prevent the download, simply set "auto-update" to false in the config.

It will also periodically re-check for updates (default 12h). To disable this, simply set "update-interval" to false.

NOTE: To disable update checking ENTIRELY (bad idea!) add the following line to the bottom of your config:

# This is a very bad idea!
# NOTE: /econ update is not affected by this.
update-check: false


Having problems? Post a ticket.


Leave a comment. I'll be happy to hear it!

Todo list

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On start-up, the plugin sends some usage statistics to mcstats.org. You can opt-out by setting "stats" to false in the config.


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