FAWE is a tool capable of doing massive and blazingly fast changes to a world without impacting server performance. Primarily there are hooks for WorldEdit/VoxelSniper/PlotSquared which drastically improve their performance and add a lot of new functionality.

Here's an example of loading and pasting a schematic with FAWE:



  • Incredibly fast, lag free editing
  • Adds a lot of powerful new brushes and tools
  • Adds a lot more mask functionality
  • Adds a lot more pattern functionality
  • Adds edit transforms
  • Adds commands to change blocks in entire worlds
  • Fast built in logging and rollback (see below)
  • Adds commands for fixing or changing lighting
  • All commands and messages are translatable
  • Advanced per player limits
  • Adds proper inventory settings
  • Adds progress notifications and edit cancellation
  • No setup web integration:
  • Supports new file formats (Structure block, PNG, BD)
  • Allows WorldEdit to be used from console: /jumpto world,0,0,0
  • Instant copying of arbitrary size: /lazycopy
  • Fixes bugs in WorldEdit such as block rotation, pasting entities, etc.
  • Can load corrupt schematic files
  • Unlimited undo/redo with history/clipboard on disk

VoxelSniper (with FAVS)

  • Incredibly fast, async sniping
  • Support for protection plugins (see below)
  • Advanced per player limits
  • Support for block logging/rollback (see below)
  • Allows redo, and adds history on disk


  • Faster plot clearing / block changes by PlotSquared
  • Faster and fully fledged schematic support
  • Adds advanced world chunk trimming with /plot trimchunks


PC: SP/MP, MCPE: MP. Specifically:

  • Spigot
  • Paper
  • (CraftBukkit)
  • Thermos
  • Forge
  • Sponge
  • Nukkit


Async world manipulation, loading, lighting + examples:


The following plugins are supported:

  • WorldGuard
  • Towny
  • GriefPrevention
  • PreciousStones
  • Factions (mcore, uuid, one)
  • Residence
  • Regios
  • PlotSquared
  • PlotMe
  • ASkyBlock

Note: Disable in the config, or bypass with /wea or fawe.bypass


Enable use-disk and use-database in the config.yml to use the in built FAWE logging/rollback. Alternatively, the following third party plugins are supported with BlocksHub installed:

  • CoreProtect
  • LogBlock
  • Prism
  • HawkEye

Note: It is safe to give normal players access to FAWE rollback. To bypass logging use /fast

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