FastFood - Eat food instantly!

FastFood - Eat food instantly!
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Would you like to be able to instantly consume food and regain health like in pre-1.8 Minecraft? Would you like to customize the amount of health regained by food (and even non-food)? Then FastFood is the plugin you're looking for.

Developed primarily as a supplement plugin to MobArena, FastFood allows you to give players with certain permissions the ability to right-click with food and regain health instantly. It allows for disabling the effect of the food bar (so players don't regain health when their food bar is full). All settings and values can be changed from in-game.

Please read the Instructions for more information on how to use and set up this plugin.

Note: FastFood only works for players with the correct permissions! As such, the plugin doesn't change anything on the server unless the permissions are given. This is what makes it ideal for MobArena.

How to use with MobArena

Using MobArena's per-class permissions, simply give all your classes the permission 'fastfood', like such:

        items: ...
        armor: ...
        - fastfood

And you're done.


  • Instant eat food like in pre-1.8 Minecraft
  • Customize how much health the food heals/damages
  • Regain health independently of the food bar
  • Disable the health regain feature of the food bar
  • Perfect for use with MobArena
  • Supports Heroes


  • Fix the known issues.

Known issues

  • When eating a bowl of mushroom soup, the bowl is not returned.

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