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The Moon

Welcome to the most advanced Moon landscape generator plugin in Minecraft! The moon is a world that has craters and pieces of meteorites on its surface. Meteorites can contain valuable resources and are 1/3 the size of the crater itself. There is a chance (35%) of the crater being empty too. So the moon is a good place to collect valuable resources but you are on the surface and lunar zombies aren't much friendly, you'll see! To increase difficulty, the only way to light it and prevent monsters to spawn is to build "special" lamps (redstone lamps). Also, can't place water or lava, it would be too easy to burn a whole dungeon and collect the chests. We don't want water, too so it insta-freezes due to low temperatures!

There is planned to add the king of the moon as a boss with an electric bow. To stay alive in the moon, you have to wear an oxygen helmet and a white leather armor as an astronaut. All mobs in the moon wear an oxygen helmet which is basically a glass block but looks epic!

IMPORTANT: Entering the moon

To get in the moon there is no a portal, too mainstream, you have to build a teleporter. The teleporter has to be build following certain rules but once those are fulfilled, you can build whatever you want. Be creative! The system for detecting a valid teleporter is the following:

  • To trigger the teleporter you need a stone button (it's where you'll press to activate it)
  • Has to be made of at least 8 iron blocks, 4 iron fences and 2 wooden buttons
  • Has to contain the minimum required energy [730 + players * 200] 

How the energy system works; each block in the following list contains an amount of energy itself and when you press the stone button it calculates how many total energy has the teleporter: (The minimum required blocks also count)

  • Iron blocks: 38
  • Diamond blocks: 150 (+75 for the first one, +18 for the second one)
  • Redstone blocks: 8 (30% chance of being consumed)
  • Coal blocks: 12 (70% chance of being consumed, +45 for the first one)
  • Redstone torches (OFF): 1
  • Wooden buttons: 2 (+15 for the first one)
  • Iron pressure plate: 5 (+6 for the first and second)
  • Iron bars: 5
  • Glowstone blocks: 50 (only one can be placed to add up energy)
  • Nether fence: 2 - (+60 if only 1 is placed or +18 if exactly 4 are placed)

Examples of portals can be found here:



Now, click that wonderful stone button and feel the magic of moon exploration!


The death hole

The death hole is a very hard dungeon which is generated randomly and is basically a cyilinder with 6-8 floors wher each one is a block wider than the above one. The space between the floors is taken as a room where are generated 1, 2 or 4 spawners and a "decoration" based on the thematic of the room. The tematics are the following: SKELETON, ZOMBIE, MAGIC, SPIDER, ICY, SILVERFISH, ABYSS, BONUS. You'll discover all in-game! Note that the first and the last room can't be a bonus one and that there is a 5% chance of a spawner being protected with wooden blocks. Will you clear it? Image Death Hole

The magic tree[With boss!]

Screenshots (All)

The magic tree is a giant tree on the moon. Where's the logic? Its magic. The aim of the structure is to be the scenario to fight the boss, the king of all skeletons in the moon. We'll see it in-depth later. The tree is made out of a 3x3 trunk surrounded by a spiral staircase of 2 block width with a small chance of blocks missing. There are roots on the bottom and branches on the top to make it more realistic. cool and mysterious. The wood type is birch, while i rally hate that wood type, it was the one that suited better for a tree on the Moon. The special part of the tree is the crown, where the boss is waiting for you. http://i.imgur.com/r4Zq0oh.pngImage Death Hole The leaves on the crown of the tree are harder than diamond. To preserve the fight scenario and to prevent the boss from getting out of it the leaves can't be broken. However, there are 1x1 holes on the top, like an inverted shower. Those holes are THE ONLY WAY TO ENTER to the crown.

http://i.imgur.com/I3hhyD5l.pngImage Death Hole

Lets go ahead and talk about the boss mechanics. First of all i have to see that this boss is quite special and different from what we are used to. This is the first boss where the player have to cast the boss' spells (to damage himself xD). The boss is a skeleton that have a gold helmet (as it is intended to be a king) and a colored leather armor starting from blue and changing to orange, yellow, red as his health goes down. His starting health is 200 hp which means 100 hearts. On his hand he have different items that represent stages or spells. The boss have 3 basic stages of spell-loading. Each one with a different item:

Items(icons): [Ender pearl] -> [Ender eye] -> [Spell item] -> Restart

Actions(on hit): (Teleport) (No action) (Spell cast)

On every hit the boss stands without moving for 12 seconds. The actions are performed when the player strikes the boss. The boss can't take damage from any other source than the player in melee mode. Arrows also bounce off. http://i.imgur.com/Tr2ZO6Q.pngImage Death Hole


You want the boss to finish the less cycles possible as every cycle end with an spell cast. To reduce the cycles it can perform until it dies, you have to make the maximum damage on each strike so try to make each strike with your op sword a CRITICAL STRIKE!

Most spells are about spawning mobs (also called minions) within the tree so you probably want to clear those before casting another spell. Use the time the boss is stopped for 12 seconds in your advantage to activate the boss effect on the right moment to have enough time to clear the mobs. Use the teleport stage to keep the boss itself away while clearing the minions.

While on the spell item phase, you can see what will be the next spell from the boss so you can prepare (i.e. drinking fire resistance when the next are blazes or blocking with sword when the next is a TNT in your face).

Dont try to spam the boss as the mob density in the room will increase dangerously, making your existence thing of the past. But well, you can still respawn! You can cast spells to crush yourself! Ain't it fun?

Light Bulb

There are two types of it. The friendly and the not that friendly. I think there's no more to say.


Craters are holes that represent meteorite impacts that happened in the past. But the meteorite can still be there! The meteorites are 1/3 the size of the hole. Meteorites are made of stone and some ores or materials the ore:stone ratio is named as "richness" Types of meteorites: There are no base types, they get a random material of a list and a random richness. Note that meteorites are the only way to get liquids (water and lava) in the moon without turning into snow/obsidian.


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