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    Jul 27, 2014
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  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


-Fixed recall bugs -Now the moon and sky loads on startup, on the first server tick - Added recall recipe, is it too exepensive? A diamond, 4 enderpearls, a redstone block.

-Added recall (/recall) creative only, few bugs -Fixed translation system issues

- Reduced Graveyard and Hot air balloon chances - Pre-Added: Recall to home still disabled! - Added: Hot air balloons with powerful loot - Added: Graveyard with zombie invasions! - Updated the Mega Boss Dungeon in the moon generation! - The main world will be the moon so to see it delete or move your "world" folder on your server's directory. - Transalted to English and Spanish (Original in Catalan). [Im working still on it!] - Remeber, /b /e to get equipment to get the OP bows - /moon to go to the moon in creative mode - Go and face up the lunar apocalypse! - Report any bugs please on the comments!

- There are some cheat open commands! [Fixed! The players need to be in creative mode to use them!] - Recall can become buggy if spammed too fast by a player (seems to be fixed but can't assure)