Version 3.2

  • Admin commands, admins can enable/disable Fast Mining and the Fast Mining drops for a player, even if he has no permission, the admins can also view the info of a player. :)
  • ALL the item drops are fixed right now :)
  • Mirrored costum messages enable and disable message fixed
  • Some chat messages changed
  • Bug fixed

Version 3.1

  • Added protected region support (World Guard), players can not longer mine in protected regions :)
  • Two new chat commands added, with /fm info the user can see if he enabled fast mining or fast mining drops and with /fm verion the user can see what version Fast Mining currently on that server is.

Version 3.0.1

  • Important permission bug fixed, Fast Mining is not always more avable for Ops, only if you have no permission system

Version 3.0

  • Added multi world permissions support
  • Auto enable (Fast Mining) function for players who join the server
  • When a player left the game, Fast mining get it's original state (Auto enable state) so probably the player must enable Fast Mining again if he join the game again
  • Change if blocks must drop items when they destroyed or not
  • Players can say if a destroyed block must drop an item with the command /fm drop
  • Change if TNT drop an TNT item or not
  • Change if the players can mine trouth bedrock
  • Sapplings drop the right sappling
  • Gravel drops now 10% flint
  • A bed drops the right item
  • Pistons didn't drop only the 'top' of the piston any more
  • Wool will drop the right color :D
  • Slabs will drop the right slab (stone, wood, cobelstone...) :D
  • Tall grass will not drop an item anymore
  • Diamond ore will drop no more diamond ore but 1 diamond
  • Redstone drops the right redstone item
  • Redstone torches (off state) will drop the normal (on state) redstone torches
  • Snow will no more drop dirt
  • Signs will drop the right item
  • Ice error message fixed
  • Redstone repeaters will drop the right item

Version 2.2

  • Important bug fixed

Version 2.1

  • Costum chat messages
  • TNT drop option
  • Bug fixed

Version 2.0

  • Destroyed blocks drop items!
  • Shorter command /fm
  • Costum messages (not working, bug)
  • Permissions bug fixed
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 1.2

  • Permission support added

Version 1.1

  • Added the enable and disable command /fastmining


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