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With Fast Mining you can mine faster, like 6 blocks a seccond. You can mine obsidian an dirt with the same fast speed. You can use all the diferent tools, also your hands an other things to mine (This has nothing to do with you're mining speed). You're only mining fast when the user have the plugin enabled with the user command /fastminin or /fm. The plugin supports multi world permissions, so you can enable Fast Mining only for the admins or something. You must know that the plugin has protected zones support from WorldGuard, you cant mine in a protected region! Fast Mining has also an option to drop items or not. When you mine TNT it don't blow up (for safety if you hit TNT). You must know that this plugin has over 9000 downloads! Note: When you haven't permissions on your server, the plugin is avaible for all the OP's


Mine faster with 6 blocks a seccond Every user can enable and disable the plugin with the user command /fm or /fastmining Destroyed blocks drop items Multi World permission support Protected region support (World Guard), players can't mine in protected regions Players can say if a destroyed block must drop an item with the command /fm drop Admin commands to enable/disable Fast Mining by another player Auto Enable (fast mining) on player join if you want, insite config.yml When a player left the game, Fast mining get it's original state (Auto enable state) so probably the player must enable Fast Mining again if he join the game again or if it's auto enabled its auto enabled on every player join Drop items or not (destroyed blocks drop items or not) TNT drop function (drop tnt block or not) Change if players can mine through bedrock Costum chat messages

Upcomming Features:

Costum messages color support A lot smaller config file

Player Commands

Enable or disable Fast Mining; /fm or /fastmining Enable or disable item drops; /fm drop or /fastmining drop View info; /fm info or /fastmining info View current running verion number; /fm verion or /fastmining version Admin Commands (fastmining.player) Enable or disable Fast Mining for a player; /fm player <player> Enable or disable item drops for a player; /fm player <player> drop View info from a player; /fm player <player> info Download Download Fast Mining V3.2 (, with adfly) Download Fast Mining V3.2 ( Download Fast Mining V3.2 (, with adfly) Download Fast Mining V3.2 (, with adfly) Installation: 1. Download the plugin 2. Add the FastMining.jar file and the folder 'Fast Mining' from the downloaded .zip file to the /plugin folder of the minecraft server. Also add the Fast Mining/config.yml file to the folder plugins/Fast Mining/config.yml 3. Add the permissions if you have; (Look at the permissions paragraph underneeth) 4. Start your game and use fastmining! Permissions: Allow users to use Fast Mining; fastmining.fastmining Allow users to enable or disable the item drops; fastmining.drop Allow users to use the 'info' command to check if Fast Mining is enabled; Allow all the three things above; fastmining Allow admin commands (not included in fastmining); fastmining.player Bugs When drops are disabled, gravel drop still gravel... Suggestions, Ideas and bugs If you have a suggestion or an idea, please tell me and maybe I will add it to the plugin! If you found any bug please tell me I will fix it as fast as I can. Donate Please donate some money so I can buy some coffee to make better plugins, I really like it if you give a donation! You can find a donation button on the top of the page on the right side next to the Curse icon.


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