This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Fart v0.6.9 [1.9-R0.1]

OMG! - Over 21,000 downloads...

Big 'THANKS' to everyone who downloaded Fart! Uber appreciative that you like the plugin and I enjoy reading your emails/messages from both server admins/players who have used it.


If you like, use or abuse my plugin and wish to show your appreciation you can always donate by using the 'Donate' button Top Right of this page.

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Default Config Files: English - French - Italian

Change Log

3-3-2016 - Beta Release v0.6.9

  • Rebuild for 1.9-R0.1
  • Fixed - updated '/farts nuke' to use a Collection instead of a List due to api changes
  • Know depreciated code - plugin still does not utilise UUID's

27-3-2014 - Beta Release v0.6.8

  • Rebuild for 1.7.2-R0.3

14-4-2013 - Beta Release v0.6.7

  • Rebuild for 1.5.1-R0.2
  • Updated depreciated code for playEffect()
  • Known depreciated code to update getItemID() to Material enums

6-8-2012 - Beta Release v0.6.6

  • Minor tweak to /me command output (removed [FART] text)

5-7-2012 - Beta Release v0.6.5

  • Added ability to brew a fart.. when you next sneak.. you let rip!
  • Added config option to disable/enable use of chat colors
  • Added config option to disable/enable use of the me command

12-4-2012 - Beta Release v0.6

  • Added ability to quick heal to remove effect on affected players (consumption of mushroom soup)
  • Added if you fart in the nether... gas+fire = death
  • Added kill mobs in fallout zone (spider, zombie, skeleton, spiderjocky, enderman, creeper, slime)
  • Added 25% damage to enderdragon but only if you epic fart
  • Added ability to edit all in game text for local languages

11-4-2012 - Beta Release v0.5.1

  • Added configurable propel values
  • Removed propel Y value, as it caused death by projecting players into the air and dropping to their death

10-4-2012 - Beta Release v0.5

  • Added explosion effect to all players when admin nuke used (no damage)
  • Added velocity and smoke effect to player who farts
  • Added toggle in config for velocity on player who farts
  • Added toggle in config for messages to be either sent only to affected players or to use /me command.

8-4-2012 - Beta Release v0.4

  • Added in configurable cool down period to prevent fart spam attacks
  • Added in configurable player damage when affected by a fart.
  • Added admin command to fart (nuke) all players on the server.
  • Added immunity list

7-4-2012 - Beta Release v0.3

  • Player command to use fart
  • Op Command to control in game use
  • Configurable settings


  • Simple single command plugin, drop a fart bomb and it will have an affect on all nearby players unlucky to be close enough.
  • Quick heal with mushroom soup (it will become a valuable commodity on your server)
  • Kill mobs with a fart
  • In game configuration of enabling/disabling /fart command for players
  • Ability to add/remove players to the immune list
  • Plus admin command to fart nuke (affect) all players online

Simple but fun plugin that will have your players both in shock and rolling around with laughter!

Four strengths of fart possible:
  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large
  4. Epic

all randomly selected and weighted small to epic on use of the /fart command


Configurable to manage:

  • Enable/Disable in game use by players
  • Distance to affect nearby players for each fart strength
  • Public or Private broadcast of messages
  • Enable/Disable velocity for player who farts
  • Random comments for affected player
  • Random comments for player who initiated the fart
  • Enable/Disable and set cool down period
  • Enable/Disable and set damage amount to player initiating fart
  • Duration of affection for each fart strength
  • Add players to immunity list
  • Edit all messages in game to your own locale


Player Commands

fart.fart - Allow access to ./fart command
fart.brew - Allow access to ./fart brew

Admin Commands

fart.farts - Allow access to ./farts command


Players need to have access to the /me command if public broadcast enabled for farter or victims. As of 0.6.5 above requirement is now only optional.


PLEASE NOTE: This plugin has been designed not to have an effect on the author of the plugin.. yes that's right.. you can't Fart on me. The reason for this was the initial build did not have this feature and I was unable to go on any servers without being abused by my own plugin.. whilst this was fun for a while it did get boring very quickly. So sorry, you will have to hold you gas for a little longer to use on your friends.


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