Upgraded farming mechanics.


Tested for Spigot 1.18.


All features can be configured, enabled or disabled in the configuration file.

Upgraded harvesting

  • Harvest tools Configurable list of harvest tools. Primarily intended for hoes.
  • Area harvest tools Tools may harvest crops within a radius. Radius depends on quality of tool, such as material, enchantments or item lore.
  • Automatic replanting Tools may replant the crop when it harvests it.
  • Only break mature crops Tools only break mature crops.
  • Unbreaking applies Tools with higher enchantment levels of Unbreaking have a higher chance to not take damage when harvesting crops.
  • Collection mode The yield from harvesting may be collected directly in the player's inventory.

Upgraded farmland hydration

  • Customised water search radiï In Vanilla, water hydrates Farmland within a horizontal radius of 4 blocks. Upgraded hydration replaces the Vanilla range with a new horizontal range, height and depth of hydration.
  • Farmland drought Enable or disable farmland turning back to dirt when it is not hydrated.

Upgraded fertilisation

  • Area fertilisation Bonemeal is weaker but fertilises all adjacent crops too, which makes it slightly stronger than Vanilla bonemeal.

Upgraded Farmland Trampling

  • Crop trampling When a player tramples farmland, the crop that is planted on it is reset to its first growth stage. The farmland itself is not reset to dirt, like in Vanilla.
  • Trample by walking A player may trample crops simply by walking or running over them.


farmingupgrade reload - Reload the configuration file. Requires the permission farmingupgrade.administrator.


Default configuration


Download and place the FarmingUpgrade jar file in the Bukkit server's plugins directory.


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