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With FarmENGINE an own farm world is added to the server on the shortest way, which has a single private spawn point for each player, so that most players should not get in each other's way.


Get to your own FarmWorld-SpawnPoint with one command or, if none is available yet, automatically generate your own FarmWorld-SpawnPoint during the teleport process and always keep it, so that you can settle down in this region!


To keep the system as simple as possible for customers and users, the farm world has its own world right from the start, so that the farm world does not collide with the "real" world.


The commands have also been greatly simplified so that users are unlikely to use them incorrectly! - This saves support necessity


So that no further setup than installing the plugin is necessary, no permissions are required by default to access the farm world!


The promise of OnDemand

This plugin only needs to be installed and after a RELOAD or RESTART everything works IMMEDIATELY and WITHOUT any further setup, so that everything is already directly executable!


The one command



This command does the following:

1. if there is no spawnpoint yet, one is created for the player, which is far away from the others and always stays the same!

2. the player will be teleported to this point, so that he can let off steam at this point




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