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FancyWorld is a growing plugin to allow you to modify almost anything in your world! Currently with the plugin you can change the biome (auto updating biome), weather, gamerules, time, and generate void worlds.


  • Auto Updating Config File
  • Fully laid out and easy to use commands
  • Easy to use inventory to edit weather, time, and gamerules
  • Easy permissions
  • Biome modifier with easy and non-laggy command
  • Client side biome updater
  • Very laid out config.yml
  • Efficient code


To see a list of commands in game type the '/fancyw' command.


[object] is an optional argument, <object> is a required argument

/fancyw edit - Edit the weather, gamerules, and time of your world.

/fancyw biome - Look at what biome you're in

/fancyw biomes - Be given a list of biomes

/fancyw setbiome <biome> [radius] - Look at what biome you're in. Default Radius: 32

/fancyw gc - Free RAM for your server using Java's Garbage Collector

/fancyw brush <biome> <size> - biome brush to easily modify and make biomes look nice!

/fancyw world - List of world commands

/fancyw world tp <world> - Teleport to a world

/fancyw world create <world> [type] - Create a world, with an optional type

/fancyw world delete world - Delete a world.

This does not have a command - Use the generator of 'VoidGen' to create void worlds


- - Access to /fancyw biome

- - Access to /fancyw biomes

- - Access to /fancyw setbiome

- - Access to /fancyw setbiome with radius

- - Access to /fancyw edit

- - Access to /fancyw gc

- - Access to the /fancyw brush

- - Access to use brushes


Biome Changing!

Easy to use editor!


Bugs are to be reported by tickets to be able to manage them! Do not post comments about bugs, thank you.

No bugs have been found by testers!

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