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FallRoll is a simple plugin to assist players ease of mobility. When a player jumps off of a cliff, they'll take damage by default, correct? Well this plugin will give those clumsy players who walk off a cliff a chance to survive. Holding shift when about to take fall damage has a (default) 25% chance of negating (default) 40% fall damage! As simple as that. There are future plans for this plugin so be sure to read below

Future Plans:

Due to this plugin being very small and light-weight, there aren't a whole lot of planned changes. However, there are a couple I would like to make in the future.

  • Take into consideration of the Feather Falling enchantment on boots to increase the amount of percentage of damage you negate on fall
  • An API for developers that would like to determine when players roll, and information about the roll


CommandDescriptionPermission node
/fallroll reloadReload the FallRoll configuration filefall.reload
/fallroll versionGet version information for FallRollNone

Permission Nodes:

Permission NodeDescriptionDefault
fall.rollAllow the ability to have a chance of rolling while holding shifttrue (all players)
fall.reloadAllow access to the /fallroll reload commandOP


For information on every single configuration option available to you on this plugin, go to the following page:


Bugs, Suggestions, and Improvements:

Perhaps you have an idea for something that should be added? An idea to improve my plugin at all? Or maybe you just have a bug that I couldn't seem to figure out. If you have anything listed above, make a ticket! I get e-mail notifications for when you create a ticket, and I will get to those a lot faster than a comment on my post. That also helps me organize many of the suggestions and bugs I've had in previous versions. Tickets are always preferred over comments, but if you just wanna be nice and rate this plugin based on your usage, feel free to leave a comment instead

Social Media Updates:

I have created a Twitter account specifically for development updates and feature sneak peeks for all of my plugins. I will be posting updates about where I'm at on plugin updates, and open to suggestions on this social media website. If you have a Twitter account and would like to get in contact with me, my development Twitter handle is @2008Minecraft It will be full of sneak peeks for you all to drool at until I fully release it. You'll also get tweets every time I publish an update for a plugin, so keep an eye on that as well ;) Social media is not a necessary, but only optional if you want to know a few things before others do.


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