Tree definition update, working until 1.48.7


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    Aug 24, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10


First Release: bit of randomness

1.0 : no oak wood from other wood blocks :D

1.1: Control over direction, and little bit of optimation ( - no spout 1.7.9 async error fix, yet)

1.1.1: no acasia from dark oak :) and metrics

1.1.2: spout should work now :D - Bukkitscheduler instead of new Thread

1.2: (better block selection system) eclipse building fail

1.2.1 MathHelper added - fast sin and cos

1.2.2 speed and max angle customizable, working 4ever

1.2.3 fix for current modification exception - I don't know why this never happened for me... but it should be fixed

1.2.4 added max falling time to config (your trees wont fall longer than this amount of milliseconds)

1.2.5 added configuration option whether you need the enchantment Lumberjack to chop a tree :)

1.3 fixed that leaves are accepted as log blocks + added a new better looking falling system :D + max tree size configurable

1.3.1 added the condition of at least <x> leaves and <y> + <z> * nleaves logs

maybe a bit crazy sometimes large trees wont fall complete down

Don't be afraid of the 1.3 ;)