This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Current Version: v0.13 (28th May 2012)

Tested and works against #2149 and #2203

Right click mobs/players with just hand selected to Falcon Paunch them and send 'em flying! Really is that simple. N.B. being lower than the Entity sends them further due to angle !


  • Permissions, PEX, BukkitPermissions, OPs support
  • Right click entities to send them flying in the direction you're facing.
  • Configurable fails hits and fire or lightning (or nothing) action after!
  • Option to only hit mobs and not players and vice-versa.
  • Reloadable config using /fp


  • falconpunch.* - Gives player all but immunity.
  • falconpunch.punch - Permission to punch.
  • falconpunch.immune - Permission to resist others' falcon punches. There is a config option to ignore this.
  • falconpunch.reload - Permission to reload config.

Sample Config:

#   Falcon Punch!
# AllowPVPFalconPunch - Enables/disables PVP Falcon Punch. Does not affect immune permission.
# OnlyPVPFalconPunch - Enables/disables PVP ONLY Falcon Punching (i.e. FalconPunches won't work on Entities other than Players).
# NoImmunity - Turn off the immune system completely
# UseContinuousSystem - Use the system which has a force of Falcon Punch, rather than just a crit or not. (False reverts to old crit system)
# CriticalsChance - If the old system is enabled, this sets the chance of a critical hit [0-100]. Clearly, 0 disables all crits.
# BurnChance - Set the chance of a burn hit [0-100]. Clearly, 0 disables this.
# FailChance - Set the chance of the punch failing [0-100]. Clearly, 0 disables this.
# -- These values do not have to add up to 100, but it makes it much easier to see the probabilities ! --
# AfterFailDoNothingChance - If a hit fails, set the chance that the punch fails with no side-effects [0-100]
# AfterFailDoFireChance - If a hit fails, set the chance that the puncher will be set on fire [0-100]
# AfterFailDoLightningChance - If a hit fails, set the chance that the puncher will be set on fire [0-100]
    BurnChance: 1
    AllowPVPFalconPunch: true
    NoImmunity: false
    OnlyPVPFalconPunch: false
    AfterFailDoFireChance: 33
    AfterFailDoNothingChance: 34
    AfterFailDoLightningChance: 33
    FailChance: 1
    CriticalsChance: 1
    UseContinuousSystem: true


  • Standard installation for a plugin:
    • Stop your server if it isn't already.
    • Copy the jar file into your server's plugins directory.
    • Start up the server.
  • If FalconPunch starts with no errors, it will automatically generate a config.yml in the dir "plugins/FalconPunch".
    • You may edit this and submit your changes to FalconPunch without having to restart your server by using the command "/fp". If you do not do this, or do not restart the server after making changes, FalconPunch will run on the default settings mentioned above in the sample.


On GitHub: https://github.com/kjhf/FalconPunch


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