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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9672822/Fakie 2/fakie.png Fakie

Fakie is a plugin that lets you be who you want to be! You can pretend to join, leave and go AFK, you can troll somebody by chatting under their name, or you can hide from people and annoy them. Whatever your faking need is, Fakie will get the job done!


  • Fake join/leave message.
  • Fake AFK message.
  • Turn invisible and fake leave/reappear and fake join.
  • Chat under someone else's name
  • Easy help menu
  • Invisibility timeout and cooldown
  • Disguise as other players
  • Easy hiding with gunpowder!


  • /fakie join - Fake join message. -
  • /fakie leave - Fake leave message. -
  • /fakie afk <on/off> - Fake AFK message. -
  • /fakie hide - Turn invisible.
  • /fakie show - Turn visible.
  • /fakie say <group> <name> <message> - Chat under somebody's name. <group> is their group, type null for no group. <name> is their name and <message> is your message. -
  • /fakie disguise <player> - Disguise as another player! Do /fakie disguise to undisguise.
  • /fakie help - Show the help menu

- = customizable via config.


The default config looks like this:


leave: '&e{player} left the game.'
join: '&e{player} joined the game.'
format: '&a[{group}]&f{name}: {message}'
afk: '&f{player} is now AFK'
unafk: '&f{player} is no longer AFK'
timer-enabled: false
timer-cooldown: 5
timer-timeout: 20
leave-on-hide: false
gunpowder: true

  • leave: The leave message for /fakie leave. Colour is allowed, {player} is the required player variable.
  • join: The join message for /fakie join. Colour is allowed, {player} is the required player variable.
  • format: The format for /fakie say. {group} is the group variable, {name} is the required player's name variable and {message} is the required message that gets sent variable.. Colour is allowed.
  • afk: The message for /fakie afk on. {player} is the player variable, colour is allowed.
  • unafk: The message for /fakie afk off. {player} is the player variable. Colour is allowed.
  • timer-enabled: Is the invisibility timeout and cooldown enabled?
  • timer-cooldown: The time a player has to wait between /fakie show and /fakie hide.
  • timer-timeout: The time until a player reappears after turning invisible.
  • leave-on-hide: Broadcast the fake leave message when a player does /fake hide?
  • gunpowder: Will gunpowder hide you if you right click with it?


Fakie uses the default Bukkit permissions (SuperPerms), and if the player doesn't have a permission, it checks for op.
The permissions nodes are the subcommands, so the permission for /fakie join would be fakie.join.
Fakie has one special permission: fakie.timerbypass: used if you want to bypass the invisibility timer if it is enabled.


Download | Source Code

Note: invisibility timer features coming when the Fakie 2.2 file gets accepted


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