FactionsPlus v2.0.0-beta6


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    Mar 20, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


Requires either FactionsUUID 1.6 LATEST , Factions 2.5, Factions 2.6, Factions 2.7, or Factions 2.8.

If you're using Factions <= 2.6 you are required to use Factions 2.6 Patches to fix a class path issue FactionsUUID has caused.

You can grab Factions 2.6 Patches here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/factions26patches/

FactionsPlus v2.0.0-beta6

Welcome to the new FactionsPlus! The entire plugin has been coded and supports both Factions 2.0 and FactionsUUID 1.6!

Please note that this version will cause all warps to be removed as maps in configuration files are now handled differently.

The following was changed in beta 6:

  • Fixes support for Factions 2.8.7Beta

The following was already available in the beta:

  • Intelligent internal configuration system
  • Includes FactionsFramework - a new framework to add support for multiple versions of Factions
  • Integration with ChestShop
  • Integration with disguise plugins DisguiseCraft, Libs Disguises and iDisguise
  • Integration with Cannons
  • Integration with Lockette
  • Integration with Deadbolt
  • Integration with ShowCaseStandalone
  • Integration with HawkEye log
  • Integration with Prism log
  • Faction Warps, including Warp Passwords
  • Faction Jails
  • Faction Rules
  • Command Block in a radius of enemies
  • Scoreboard work
  • Wilderness chunk regeneration

There is more to come over the next release of betas and I hope you enjoy the new FactionsPlus!

FactionsPlus v2.0.0-beta6

Currently in beta, so please expect issues and proceed with caution. As this is a beta it's common for changes in how we handle data, and backups should be made and preparations for loss of data.

Requires Factions 2.6 Patches for Factions versions <= 2.6.