This description is for the 1.5.3 version.

This plugin allows players to fly on land owned by their Faction. If they fly off their Faction's land, they simply fall.

To install simply place in your plugins folder along with the Factions plugin.

/ff reload - reloads config
/ff potion <true|false> - allows or deny's splash potions while flying
/ff combat <true|false> - allows or deny's combat while flying

factionflight.fly - If true allows players to fly on faction controlled land. Default is false.
factionflight.reload - If true allows players to reload config file. Default op.
factionflight.potion - If true allows player to change splash potion permissions. Default is op
factionflight.combat - If true allows player to change combat permissions. Default is op
factionflight.bypass - If true allows player to use splash potions or combat while flying even when disabled. Default is false.
factionflight.wilderness - If true allows player to fly in the wilderness as well as their faction owned land. Default is false.
factionflight.* - If true sets all above to true

Configuration Options:
potFly: <true|false> Default true. True allows splash potions while flying. False denies.
combFly: <true|false> Default true. True allows combat while flying. False denies.

Note: If splash potions and combat are denied while flying then the player will still lose the splash potion or arrow if they attempt to use it. This is intended because if a player tries to cheat they should be punished.



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