Change Log

FactionChat Change Log

version 1.8.6

  • Fixed title being missing in chat.
  • Fixed erroring if no plugin is available for prefix/suffix yet it is enabled anyway
  • Edited BanManager a tad so it shouldn't error if not using BM 4.0

version 1.8.5

  • bug fix. console error on load

version 1.8.4

  • compiled with Factions 2.7.1
  • Supports 1.7.10 (sorry I forgot to check)

version 1.8.3

  • Updated to support 2.7.0 (This version will only support 1.9 and below. and 2.7.x)

version 1.8.2

  • bug fix: Truce Chat was sending message to all players.

version 1.8.1

  • bug fix: sending messages to sender not to target....

version 1.8.0

  • Big update behind the scenes. Using interfaces now to be able to support multiple factions versions much quicker

version 1.796

Correctly updated (and tested) to work for Factions 2.6.0

version 1.795

  • bug fix: removed task that copies new defaults on every restart
  • Updated to support 2.6.0
  • added in FactionChatAPI: public static boolean isFactionChatMessage
  • fix BanManagerAPI... only going to support version 4.0+

version 1.794

  • trying to fix BanManagerAPI... only going to support version 4.0+
  • updated for Faction 1.8.2 version with UUID
  • added a spam check. configable in config.yml
  • added to config the ability to disable FactionChat commands.

version 1.791

  • bug fix: didn't add title correctly

version 1.790

  • FactionChat messages are more customizable. you can remove title / FactionRank/ prefix and suffix per chatChanel (e.g. ally and Faction)
  • Added a VIP Chat channel
  • Event EventPriority are now customizable via the config.yml

version 1.745

  • bug fix 1.744 was broken due to null pointer while enabling

version 1.744

  • Added permission node for Truce chat: "FactionChat.TruceChat"
  • Added to config "IncludeTitle" within chat
  • added to config "TitleSeparator" default is a "-"
  • Added permission node for /fc mute or /fc mutePublic (FactionChat.command.mutePublic)

version 1.743

  • bug - Removed System.out.println(event.getFormat()); line 57, FactionChatListener
  • added Prefix&suffix in staff chat

version 1.742

  • Bugfix: IncludeSuffix: false works now.

version 1.741

  • Changed FactionChannel to compare Faction ID and not Faction Name
  • Bugfix when player type "/f c" and it not in faction

version 1.740

  • Now support Prefix and suffix. If you want to disable please set on config IncludePrefix: false & IncludeSuffix: false

version 1.722

  • added to config a way to only receive faction chat while in the channel (PublicMuteDefault)
  • complied under Java 1.7
  • should support bukkit 1.7.4

version 1.721

  • As of 1.721 plugin is complied in Java 1.7 sdk
  • bug fix: fixed admin chat permission

version 1.720

  • Tested and works with minecraft 1.7.2 (will work on any bukkit version 1.2.5 and above)

version 1.644

  • Supports BanManager IsMuted API
  • Chat functions like /fa <message> won't produce a error is factions isn't installed
  • "should" work with 1.7.2 when it comes out.

version 1.643

  • corrected updater. We are only allowed to utilize the curse api for updates and update checks

version 1.642

- this should support 1.7.2

  • config will now correctly add new config "stuff" without removing old config
  • New Feature: LocalChat - allows players to only hear others talking from a certain distance (default 50 blocks), Anyone outside this distance will not receive the message- This only effects Public chat. By default this is turned off in config. Bypass: FactionChat.LocalChatBypass.PublicSend: description: Allows staff to bypass LocalChat and send messages to all players no matter what distance default: op FactionChat.LocalChatBypass.PublicReceive: description: Allows staff to bypass LocalChat and receive messages from all players no matter what distance default: op

version 1.6412

  • now correctly works with factions version below 2.0.0 (sorry for breaking this)

version 1.6411

  • added a bypass mute public permission "FactionChat.mutebypass" Allows staff to bypass publicMute and send messages to all players
  • bug fix: enemy chat now works correctly with Factions 2.0.x. (also checked the others too)

version 1.641

  • tested and works with 1.6.4
  • added Officer chat: please note for both Officer chat and Leader chat players must be in that ChatMode to receive the message
  • added a mute Public feature which is disable by default (see config). command to toggle off and on is /fc mute or /fc mutepublic
  • source code is now included in the jar file.

version 1.627

  • Bug fix: API setup was called to early. Plugin now support correctly 1.8.0-2.1.x (tested)

version 1.626

  • added Leader chat. You must be a leader of a faction and be in the Leader ChatMode to see it
  • most of the config now supports colours '&' see
  • bugfix: colour codes in messages now requires the permission "" (without quotes)

version 1.625

  • bugfix: colour codes in messages now requires the permission "" (without quotes)
  • added recruit tag in chat
  • you can now customize Your chat mode has been changed to: "Faction" to Your chat mode has been changed to: "Kingdom" or what ever you like, see "ChatModeChange:" in line 77ish in cong.yml
  • Added a "FactionsCommand" in config in case you use a different letter for faction, e.g. /k chat

version 1.624

  • in config you can now enable/disable Truce and Ally-truce chat
  • /fchatao is now /fchata and /fchata is now /fchatat

version 1.623

  • Ranks are now customizable in config - Plugin should automatically re-add Config

version 1.6221

bugfix: messages not appearing due to change in config (plugin will now automatically reload config)

version 1.622

bug fix: role.isAtLeast(Rel.recuit) changed to role.isAtLeast(Rel.MEMBER)

version 1.621

  • Chat mode now uses HashMap (should be a lot faster than old method)

version 1.620

  • tested and supports bukkit 1.6.2
  • ally chat is now Ally&Truce and ally only is ally chat
  • you are now able to cycle to truce,ally,and ally&truce chat
  • changed the Chat priority a tad so it has a less chance of bypassing spam/chat filters
  • removed the auto-update. to update please use /fc update
  • added a API :
//example of my API
            FactionChatAPI api = new FactionChatAPI();
            String factionName = api.getFactionName(player);
            String playerChatMode = api.getChatMode(player);

version 1.610

  • Fully tested on 1.6.1 and works perfectly
  • added Truce chat /fc t or /ft [message]
  • added Ally-Only Chat /fc ao or /fao [message]

version 1.529

  • supports Factions 2.0

version 1.528

  • Messages are more customizable
  • plugin is uses even less cpu
  • plugin should work with minecraft 1.6

version 1.52701

  • Advertising feature.removed. (Only curse/bukkit can advertise)

version 1.527

  • bug fixes: config file.
  • added a Advertising feature. more details on Main Page

version 1.5261

  • quick bug fix: Admin and mod chat are now enabled correctly

version 1.526

  • added a scoreboard team chat /fc UHC
  • a few bug fixes.

version 1.525

  • added permission so you are able to disable factionchat and allychat (negate the permission)

version 1.524

  • null problem with the config file on reload();

version 1.523

  • bug fix: Plugin can now correctly disable certain Chat Modes

version 1.522

  • bug fix: permission node for

version 1.521

  • bug fix: permission node for Factionchat.admin.
  • when /fcadmin change, target player doesn't receive message

version 1.52

  • added a /fcadmin command that allow you to change someone chat mode and view info of them

version 1.51

  • added title in chat.
  • plugin should be using less memory/cpu (it was very low before too)
  • Config file now has some comments to explain each feature (I hope it helps)
  • added a userassistant channel

version 1.5

  • now supports /f chat <option> or /f c <option>

version 1.43

  • supports Java 6

version 1.42

  • compiled and works with Factions 1.8.2 and bukkit 1.5.2
  • Plugin gets the Faction Name quicker and better now

version 1.41

  • added a great null checker on the config file (basically just remakes it) - if it does fail to correct it then it just give a warning

version 1.4

  • better config file (should be bug free on that)

version 1.33

  • reduced the memory load of my plugin (from very little to very-very little (using static variables)
  • you can no enable and disable any of the chat modes using the config file

version 1.32

  • see version 1.33

version 1.31

  • added new commands to send message to ally, faction and enemy (and admin and moderator)
/ff messageSend a Faction message
/fa messageSend a Ally message
/fe messageSend a Enemy message (still requires permission "FactionChat.EnemyChat"
/fad messageSend a admin message
/fm messageSend a Moderator message

(you can also use /fchatf, /fchata and /fchate)

version 1.3

  • bug fix: FactionChat will now correct obtain the Faction name regardless weather there is other tags
  • fixed a null in the message when /fchato
  • added a debugging thing for me so when I login to your server and it is online the plugin simulates that I have all FactionChat permissions to check any bugs (this can be easily disabled on conf (3rd line). (This doesn't give me any admin/moderator/etc control of the server it just allows me test most of the FactionChat commands)
  • increase AsyncPlayerChatEvent EventPriority from low to high to prevent funny message alterations from other plugins

version 1.293

  • made Other Faction Chat and Enemy chat permission based as requested in comments.

version 1.292

  • fixing the new chats

version 1.291

  • got JrMod and Mod chat mixed up

version 1.29

  • added JrMod, SrMod and JrAdmin chat

version 1.28

  • bug fix: fixed null pointer on startup

version 1.27

  • added a better logging system to console.

version 1.26

version 1.25

added EnemyChat (/fc e or /fc enemy)

version 1.24

  • Tested and works for bukkit 1.5
  • added new command /fc reload to reload plugin in game (only player's chat mode at the moment). Permission: FactionChat.Reload
  • tidied up the plugin.yml a bit (using aliases)

version 1.23

  • added new command /fc update to update plugin in game. Permission: FactionChat.Update

version 1.22

  • added autoupdate - and it can be disabled by conf file
  • you can now customize the colour of the messages like modchat and adminchat

version 1.2

  • Ally-chat messages are now visible to truce

version 1.12

version 1.11

bug fixes:

  • some messages were "null" due to miss typing in the code

version 1.1

  • multi language supported and messages can be changed in conf file so far: English, french and german Defualt in conf MessageLanguage: english

version 1.03

  • added mcstats feature

version 1.02

  • added console log of player chat in Faction, ally and other

version 1.0

  • First release (release version)

version 0.3 beta

  • added config file (auto update not coded yet)
  • spy chat is now toggle-able with /f spy (or /fchat spy)
  • reduced a bit more CPU (my aim is to have this plugin use a least CPU as possible)

version 0.23 beta

fixed bug- when player has lefted a faction he can't change his chatmode and needs to re-login (fixed just /fc or /fc p) fixed bug- With ally chat it would send the message two times to sender (formated and plan white unformated) changed admin and mod chat message to green using AsyncPlayerChatEvent to reduce the chances of lagging the server

version 0.222 beta

Permisions changed - from Faction.spy to FactionChat.spy added a admin and a moderator chat fixed bug when plugin is reloaded and player's chatmode is not found.

version 0.22 beta

minor added softdepend: [Factions] so factions is always loaded before FactionChat

version 0.21 beta

fixed minor bug that may cause it not to load at start

version 0.2 beta

  • mayjor change. chating in now toggleable like the old faction by using /fc or /fchat to change chat mode (or /fc p, fc a, fc f)
  • removed /fca message as this is no longer needed with the new chat modes

version 0.142 beta

  • removed updater (will be added once created a conf file) "It must be possible to disable any update chacking or auto-updating via the projects config file."

version 0.141 beta

changed color for ally chat output

version 0.14 beta

  • added /fca message (ally chat)

version 0.131 beta

version 0.13 beta

  • First beta release