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    Jun 7, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4


FactionChat Change Log

version 1.791

  • bug fix: didn't add title correctly

version 1.790

  • FactionChat messages are more customizable. you can remove title / FactionRank/ prefix and suffix per chatChanel (e.g. ally and Faction)
  • Added a VIP Chat channel
  • Event EventPriority are now customizable via the config.yml

version 1.745

  • bug fix 1.744 was broken due to null pointer while enabling

version 1.744

  • Added permission node for Truce chat: "FactionChat.TruceChat"
  • Added to config "IncludeTitle" within chat
  • added to config "TitleSeparator" default is a "-"
  • Added permission node for /fc mute or /fc mutePublic (FactionChat.command.mutePublic)

version 1.743

  • bug - Removed System.out.println(event.getFormat()); line 57, FactionChatListener
  • added Prefix&suffix in staff chat

version 1.742

  • Bugfix: IncludeSuffix: false works now.

version 1.741

  • Changed FactionChannel to compare Faction ID and not Faction Name
  • Bugfix when player type "/f c" and it not in faction

version 1.740

  • Now support Prefix and suffix. If you want to disable please set on config IncludePrefix: false & IncludeSuffix: false

version 1.722

  • added to config a way to only receive faction chat while in the channel (PublicMuteDefault)
  • complied under Java 1.7
  • should support bukkit 1.7.4

version 1.721

  • As of 1.721 plugin is complied in Java 1.7 sdk
  • bug fix: fixed admin chat permission

version 1.720

  • Tested and works with minecraft 1.7.2 (will work on any bukkit version 1.2.5 and above)

version 1.644

  • Supports BanManager IsMuted API
  • Chat functions like /fa <message> won't produce a error is factions isn't installed
  • "should" work with 1.7.2 when it comes out.

version 1.643

  • corrected updater. We are only allowed to utilize the curse api for updates and update checks

version 1.642

- this should support 1.7.2

  • config will now correctly add new config "stuff" without removing old config
  • New Feature: LocalChat - allows players to only hear others talking from a certain distance (default 50 blocks), Anyone outside this distance will not receive the message- This only effects Public chat. By default this is turned off in config. Bypass: FactionChat.LocalChatBypass.PublicSend: description: Allows staff to bypass LocalChat and send messages to all players no matter what distance default: op FactionChat.LocalChatBypass.PublicReceive: description: Allows staff to bypass LocalChat and receive messages from all players no matter what distance default: op

version 1.6412

  • now correctly works with factions version below 2.0.0 (sorry for breaking this)

version 1.6411

  • added a bypass mute public permission "FactionChat.mutebypass" Allows staff to bypass publicMute and send messages to all players
  • bug fix: enemy chat now works correctly with Factions 2.0.x. (also checked the others too)

version 1.641

  • tested and works with 1.6.4
  • added Officer chat: please note for both Officer chat and Leader chat players must be in that ChatMode to receive the message
  • added a mute Public feature which is disable by default (see config). command to toggle off and on is /fc mute or /fc mutepublic
  • source code is now included in the jar file.

version 1.627

  • Bug fix: API setup was called to early. Plugin now support correctly 1.8.0-2.1.x (tested)

version 1.626

  • added Leader chat. You must be a leader of a faction and be in the Leader ChatMode to see it
  • most of the config now supports colours '&' see http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/factionchat/?comment=387
  • bugfix: colour codes in messages now requires the permission "essentials.chat.color" (without quotes)

version 1.625

  • bugfix: colour codes in messages now requires the permission "essentials.chat.color" (without quotes)
  • added recruit tag in chat
  • you can now customize Your chat mode has been changed to: "Faction" to Your chat mode has been changed to: "Kingdom" or what ever you like, see "ChatModeChange:" in line 77ish in cong.yml
  • Added a "FactionsCommand" in config in case you use a different letter for faction, e.g. /k chat

version 1.624

  • in config you can now enable/disable Truce and Ally-truce chat
  • /fchatao is now /fchata and /fchata is now /fchatat

version 1.623

  • Ranks are now customizable in config - Plugin should automatically re-add Config

version 1.6221

bugfix: messages not appearing due to change in config (plugin will now automatically reload config)

version 1.622

bug fix: role.isAtLeast(Rel.recuit) changed to role.isAtLeast(Rel.MEMBER)

version 1.621

  • Chat mode now uses HashMap (should be a lot faster than old method)

version 1.620

  • tested and supports bukkit 1.6.2
  • ally chat is now Ally&Truce and ally only is ally chat
  • you are now able to cycle to truce,ally,and ally&truce chat
  • changed the Chat priority a tad so it has a less chance of bypassing spam/chat filters
  • removed the auto-update. to update please use /fc update
  • added a API : nz.co.lolnet.james137137.FactionChat.FactionChatAPI.java.
//example of my API
import nz.co.lolnet.james137137.FactionChat.FactionChatAPI
            FactionChatAPI api = new FactionChatAPI();
            String factionName = api.getFactionName(player);
            String playerChatMode = api.getChatMode(player);

version 1.610

  • Fully tested on 1.6.1 and works perfectly
  • added Truce chat /fc t or /ft [message]
  • added Ally-Only Chat /fc ao or /fao [message]

full change log please see http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/factionchat/pages/change-log/

none found by me. (please report any)