FactionChat v1.5


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    May 6, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2
  • 1.5.1
  • 1.4.7


FactionChat Change Log

version 1.5

  • now supports /f chat <option> or /f c <option>

version 1.43

  • supports Java 6

version 1.42

  • compiled and works with Factions 1.8.2 and bukkit 1.5.2
  • Plugin gets the Faction Name quicker and better now

version 1.41

  • added a great null checker on the config file (basically just remakes it) - if it does fail to correct it then it just give a warning

version 1.4

  • better config file (should be bug free on that)

version 1.33

  • reduced the memory load of my plugin (from very little to very-very little (using static variables)
  • you can no enable and disable any of the chat modes using the config file

version 1.32

  • see version 1.33

version 1.31

  • added new commands to send message to ally, faction and enemy (and admin and moderator)
/ff messageSend a Faction message
/fa messageSend a Ally message
/fe messageSend a Enemy message (still requires permission "FactionChat.EnemyChat"
/fad messageSend a admin message
/fm messageSend a Moderator message

(you can also use /fchatf, /fchata and /fchate)

version 1.3

  • bug fix: FactionChat will now correct obtain the Faction name regardless weather there is other tags
  • fixed a null in the message when /fchato
  • added a debugging thing for me so when I login to your server and it is online the plugin simulates that I have all FactionChat permissions to check any bugs (this can be easily disabled on conf (3rd line). (This doesn't give me any admin/moderator/etc control of the server it just allows me test most of the FactionChat commands)
  • increase AsyncPlayerChatEvent EventPriority from low to high to prevent funny message alterations from other plugins

version 1.293

  • made Other Faction Chat and Enemy chat permission based as requested in comments.

version 1.292

  • fixing the new chats

version 1.291

  • got JrMod and Mod chat mixed up

version 1.29

  • added JrMod, SrMod and JrAdmin chat

version 1.28

  • bug fix: fixed null pointer on startup

version 1.27

  • added a better logging system to console.

version 1.26

version 1.25

added EnemyChat (/fc e or /fc enemy)

version 1.24

  • Tested and works for bukkit 1.5
  • added new command /fc reload to reload plugin in game (only player's chat mode at the moment). Permission: FactionChat.Reload
  • tidied up the plugin.yml a bit (using aliases)

version 1.23

  • added new command /fc update to update plugin in game. Permission: FactionChat.Update

version 1.22

  • added autoupdate - and it can be disabled by conf file
  • you can now customize the colour of the messages like modchat and adminchat

version 1.2

  • Ally-chat messages are now visible to truce

version 1.12

version 1.11

bug fixes:

  • some messages were "null" due to miss typing in the code

version 1.1

  • multi language supported and messages can be changed in conf file so far: English, french and german Defualt in conf MessageLanguage: english

version 1.03

  • added mcstats feature

version 1.02

  • added console log of player chat in Faction, ally and other

version 1.0

  • First release (release version)

None I hope.