FactionChat v1.23


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    Mar 14, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.7
  • 1.4.6


FactionChat Change Log

version 1.23

added new command /fc update to update plugin in game. Permission: FactionChat.Update

version 1.22

added autoupdate - and it can be disabled by conf file you can now customize the colour of the messages like modchat and adminchat

version 1.2

Ally-chat messages are now visible to truce

version 1.12

changed "mod-Chat" to "Mod-Chat" (very minor error) http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/factionchat/?comment=69

version 1.11

bug fixes: some messages were "null" due to miss typing in the code

version 1.1

multi language supported and messages can be changed in conf file so far: English, french and german Defualt in conf MessageLanguage: english

version 1.03

added mcstats feature

version 1.02

  • added console log of player chat in Faction, ally and other

version 1.0

  • First release (release version)

version 0.3 beta

  • added config file (auto update not coded yet)
  • spy chat is now toggle-able with /f spy (or /fchat spy)
  • reduced a bit more CPU (my aim is to have this plugin use a least CPU as possible)

version 0.23 beta

fixed bug- when player has lefted a faction he can't change his chatmode and needs to re-login (fixed just /fc or /fc p) fixed bug- With ally chat it would send the message two times to sender (formated and plan white unformated) changed admin and mod chat message to green using AsyncPlayerChatEvent to reduce the chances of lagging the server

version 0.222 beta

Permisions changed - from Faction.spy to FactionChat.spy added a admin and a moderator chat fixed bug when plugin is reloaded and player's chatmode is not found.

version 0.22 beta

minor added softdepend: [Factions] so factions is always loaded before FactionChat

version 0.21 beta

fixed minor bug that may cause it not to load at start

version 0.2 beta

  • mayjor change. chating in now toggleable like the old faction by using /fc or /fchat to change chat mode (or /fc p, fc a, fc f)
  • removed /fca message as this is no longer needed with the new chat modes

version 0.142 beta

  • removed updater (will be added once created a conf file) "It must be possible to disable any update chacking or auto-updating via the projects config file."

version 0.141 beta

changed color for ally chat output

version 0.14 beta

  • added /fca message (ally chat)

version 0.131 beta

version 0.13 beta

  • First beta release

none found.