Faction Animal Protection

Faction Animal Protection

Protects animals that are on faction land from being slaughtered by players that are not members of the faction.

While the Factions plugin provides a lot of protection, it fails to provide any protection for animals (mobs) that are owned by a faction. This plugin solves that problem. Animals that are on claimed land can not be hurt by players that are not members of that faction. Fully configurable by the system owner to determine which mobs are protected, you can even protect hostile mobs if you wish.


First; this plugin, like all my plugins, was created to fix a problem with a server that I frequent, or a friends server that asked for a particular plugin. While this is nowhere near my first plugin, it is the first I have submitted to bukkit for public consumption.

This was originally designed with one purpose in mind; to protect farm animals owned by someone from a faction so they won't be killed by non-members of the faction. It has since been expanded to include configuration options and to work with different versions of factions. The plugin can now protect any type of mob and is configurable to protect or not protect in the three "general" faction land zones: SafeZone, Wilderness and WarZone.


  • Protect Farm Animals in faction land
  • Configurable to include any mob you want
  • Ability to protect or not in WarZone, SafeZone, Wilderness

Commands and Permissions

There are no console or player commands, nor permissions with this plugin.


The first time you run the plugin a config.yml file is created in the plugin directory. A default configuration will protect all "farm" animals while on claimed faction land and offer no protection to any animal in SafeZone, WarZone or Wilderness. Included in the config.yml file are descriptions for each of these options if you desire to change them. After changes are made to the config.yml file you will need to /reload (not really advised to do too often) or restart the server.


For support you can leave a comment here and it's best to leave details. If it is a configuration problem, leave the configuration. If it's a loading issue or compatibility issue leave any errors and versions of any pertinent plugins. Namely, you should always leave the version of my plugin, the factions version and the craftbukkit version you are using. It is hard to check for compatibility without knowing what I am checking for. You can also look for me on mc.noblox.net since I spend more time there than here.

Changes coming in version 1.0.7

1.0.7 will be uploaded within a couple days for approval.

  • For older versions of factions (1.6) enable /f owner rules. Offer owner protection as well as faction protection. Configurable as an option in config.yml file (defaulted to true)
  • For older versions of factions (1.6) enable faction admin/mod to harm/interact with protected animals. Configurable as an option in config.yml file (defaulted to false)
  • Add option for saddle, horse armor, lead attachment, mule chests and riding of any animal. Configurable as single option setting in config.yml (defaulted to true)
  • Add standard minecraft chat colors to messages in config.yml file
  • (LOL) allow OP players to ignore protection

Suggestions not being incorporated

  • For older versions of factions (1.6) allow /f bypass to bypass offered protection


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