This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

I don't know if I will ever finish this project so don't expect it to be ready in the next few months...



FairBattles is currently in my development queue and will be developed as soon as possible to bring out a working alpha release for testing. Nearly every feature of this plugin listed below will be seperately togglable as needed.

  • When a player logs out or teleports away in a battle/only a few seconds after the last attack while only having few health left, he gets punished by loosing money, items and/or levels
  • The newbie protection simply gives pvp-protection for a defined amount of time after the player has joined the server for the first time (also togglable hostile creature protection)
  • PvP-toggling allows every player to change their own pvp status (with warmup and cooldown) so if for example a player has pvp disabled, he can't get attacked by other players until he hits another player or turns pvp on
  • Blacklist commands a player can use while being in a battle
  • With the fair weapon/armor/enchantment difference feature you can assign a score (the higher the better is the specific weapon/armor/enchantment) for every armor part, weapon and enchantment used on armor/weapon in order to get the strength points of the player so when his score is high, he can't attack players with much lower score and if his score is low, he can't get attacked by players with much higher weapon/armor/enchantment score.

Actual configuration layout with descriptions

# FairPvP Config File

  # Globally enable/disable plugin
  enabled: true
  # For getting debug messages (maybe spams to your logfile)
  debug: false
  # Enable broadcast messages?
  broadcastMessages: true
  # Enable FairPvP features globally in specific world(s)
  # (overriding option specific world names) listed below
  # ALL = all worlds
  - 'ALL'

  # Enable this feature?
  enabled: true
  # How long newbies should be protected?
  # Hint: PvP gets enabled when the newbie
  # first attacks another player (or hostile creature)
  minutes: 20
  # Also protect against hostile creature
  # attacks besides pvp protection?
  hostile: false

  # Enable this feature?
  # Command: /fbpvp
  enabled: true
  # WarmUpTime is the time a player has to stand still
  # in order to enable pvp (in Seconds - 0 disables warmUpTime).
  warmUpTime: 10
  # CoolDownTime is the time a player has to stand still
  # in order to disable pvp (in Seconds - 0 disables coolDownTime).
  coolDownTime: 10

# Penalty options (e.g. when a player logs out or teleports while battle)
  # Enable this feature?
  enabled: true
  # How long after the last attack a player can get
  # penalized/is unable to toggle PvP off (in Seconds)?
  timeOutSeconds: 30
  # Maximum health left for punishing
  maxHealth: 5
    # Requires Vault
    enabled: true
    # Either fixed amount by using float number
    # or percent (using percent sign) of players balance
    amount: 100.00
    # Pay the money to deceived player accounts?
    addToDeceivedPlayerAccounts: true
    # Not implemented yet
    enabled: false
    # not implemented yet
    enabled: false
    # level loss
    levelpercent: 10
    enabled: true
    experienceLoss: 100%

# Fair armor, weapon, enchantment usage by using
# defined streangth points
  # Enable this feature?
  enabled: true
  # The maximum point difference between attacker and
  # the one who is beeing attacked
  maxDifference: 100
  # Define strength points for every armor,
  # weapon and/or enchantment used 
      diamond_sword: 100
      diamond_axe: 100
      iron_sword: 50
      iron_axe: 8
      gold_sword: 12
      gold_axe: 5
      wood_sword: 5
      wood_axe: 1
      diamond_chestplate: 50
      diamond_leggings: 40
      diamond_helmet: 30
      diamond_boots: 20
      iron_chestplate: 10
      iron_leggings: 9
      iron_helmet: 7
      iron_boots: 6
      gold_chestplate: 10
      gold_leggings: 9
      gold_helmet: 8
      gold_boots: 7
      leather_leggings: 4
      leather_chestplate: 3
      leather_helmet: 2
      leather_boots: 1
      arrow_damage: 20
      arrow_fire: 20
      arrow_knockback: 20
      damage_all: 50
      damage_undead: 50
      fire_aspect: 20
      knockback: 20
      protection_fire: 10
      protection_projectile: 10
  # Include mcMMO level difference check?
  includeMcMMOLevels: false

# Which commands should not be executable while being
# in battle (without slash at the beginning)
- 'warp'
- 'home'
- 'mvtp'
- 'spawn'
- 'tpa'
- 'tpaccept'
- 'town spawn'

# Messages translation/customization
    en: 'Arguments missing!'
    de: 'Fehlende argumente!'
    en: 'You have to wait {seconds} seconds until you can use this!'
    de: 'Du musst noch {seconds} Sekunden warten, bis du dies verwenden kannst!'
    en: 'You have been punished for logging out. You lost {ThingsLost}.'
    de: 'Du wurdest für das Ausloggen bestraft. Du hast {ThingsLost}.'

The only additional plugin you need when using money penalty and/or permissions is Vault.

Other project ideas under development by me


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