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Updated and on spigot!!! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/eztutorial-the-original-server-tutorial-plugin.27113/

Hello all. I will continue to upload updated files here, but won't change the description. If you want an up-to-date wiki check out the Spigot page.



EzTutorial plugin lets server owners easily make fun and informational tutorials for the users of their server!

Hello all. I will continue to upload updated files here, but won't change the description. If you want an up-to-date wiki check out the Spigot page.


Have you ever tried to explain every aspect of the game by just writing signs?
Are you tired of new players joining and asking to explain how the game works?

That time is over! Now with EzTutorial you can make easy and informational tutorials for your players to learn from!
The way this plugin works is by location points. You the owner sets as many locations as you want, then your server users can then go on a tour of those locations you set. But they can have messages, rewards, delays, and so much more. Almost every aspect of the plugin is configurable. Make sure you read the configuration section because it can be confusing.


  • Tutorials are easy to create and, use a number of ways to start them.
    • Start signs
    • Commands
    • NPC interaction (look below on how to set this up)
  • Tutorials are easily expandable for as many locations as you want.
  • Tutorials can be easily be deleted in game with one command.
  • Tutorial locations can be easily deleted in game with one command!
  • Messages and location names for each location are available for easy customization.
  • The delay in between the locations can be configured.
  • Rewards of any kind and of any amount including economy money can be given on completion of a tutorial.
  • An end message can be easily customized to be sent after a player has completed a tutorial.
  • A tutorial can be set as the default tutorial for new players to the server to be put through
  • A custom join message can be sent on first join of new players, in correlation to the default tutorial.
  • Staff members of the server can put a player through a tutorial with one easy command!
  • Every aspect of the plugin in configurable
  • Permissions are available on every aspect of the plugin (If you don't have a permissions manager it defaults to OP).

Commands and Permissions

Command Permission About
Use /tutorial /tut or /t in front of the following commands
list tutorial.list Lists all the tutorials
help tutorial.help Displays the help page for the plugin
new <tutorial name> tutorial.new Creates a new tutorial
setlocation <tutorial name> <location number> tutorial.setlocation Creates a new location in the given tutorial
dellocation <tutorial name> <location number> tutorial.dellocation Deletes a location from the given tutorial
deltutorial <tutorial name> tutorial.deltutorial Deletes the tutorial given
startplayer <tutorial name> <target player> tutorial.startplayer Puts the target player through the tutorial given
  tutorial.start Gives the ability to use the start signs and npc start
  tutorial* Gives the ability to use every command in the plugin


Creating a Tutorial

  1. Type /tutorial new <tutorial name>
  2. Take the sign and place it where ever you want and leave it blank (It will be the sign users will click to start the tutorial)
  3. Walk to where you want a location to be and type /tutorial setlocation <tutorial name> <location number>
  4. Repeat step 3 as many times as you want
  5. Edit the config to your liking

Going on a tutorial

There are 3 ways to start tutorial: Using the start sign, startplayer command, and hitting a npc

  1. To start with a sign simply left click a start sign
  2. To start with the command simply type /tutorial startplayer <tutorial name> <target player>
  3. To start with a npc there are a few simple steps
    • 1) get a npc spawning egg of your choice
    • 2) get an anvil
    • 3) put the egg into the anvil and rename it to the exact name of the tutorial you want to use it for (Caps and spaces count)
    • 4) now simply hit the npc and you will go on that tutorial!


Some of the things in this are just examples such as the heading Spawn (The example tutorial name) and 1 (The example location number)

New Players Default Tutorial:

  • Enabled: <true/false> If true on first join new players will be put through the specified tutorial
  • Tutorial Name: <tutorial name> The tutorial new players will be put through if enabled
  • Join Message:
    • Enabled: <true/false> If true on first join new players will be sent a customized message
    • Message: <message> The message that will be sent to new players if enabled


  • Spawn:
    • Reward:
      • Item
        • Enabled: <true/false> If true the reward below will be given to the player
        • Item Name: <ITEM_NAME> The reward that will be given if enabled (Acceptable material names can be found here)
          • ex: DIAMOND_BLOCK
        • Amount: <number> How many items you will get of the reward listed above if enabled
      • Money:
        • Enabled: <true/false> If true the money amount below will be give to the player
        • Amount: <number> How much money will be given to the player if enabled
    • Delay In Seconds: <seconds> How many seconds the player will spend at each location
    • Move During Tutorial: <true/false> If true players can move during the tutorial
    • End Message:
      • Enabled: <true/false> If true players will receive a message when they complete the tutorial
      • Message: <message> The message that will be sent to the player at the end of the tutorial if enabled
        • ex: Thank you for learning more with EzTutorials
    • '1'
      • Message:
        • Enabled: <true/false> If true a message will be sent at this location
        • Message: <message> The message that will be sent to the player at this location if enabled
          • ex: Here you will be able to buy and sell items
      • Location Name: <name> Name the location so when the player is at this location, it will tell them the name
        • ex: Chest Shop

For a more indepth tutorial watch this video I made explaining everything with more detail!


  • Add a npc than when clicked brings up a menu which you then choose the tutorial
  • Add a option to limit the amount of times players can get rewards from a tutorial
  • Add a xp visual on what tutorial location you are one
  • Add an individual permissions for each tutorial
  • Create a update video to show all the new features!
  • Add a feature to have new players be put into a tutorial Added in v2.0
  • Vault integration so money rewards can be given Added in v3.0
  • Citizens integration so you can have a npc tour guide Added in v3.0
  • Permissions for who can click a start sign Added in v2.0
  • Another command primarily for staff to be able to start a target player into a tutorial Added in v2.0

Use of the Plugin

  • If you would like to make a video showcasing the plugin please ask permission first. We would be more than happy to let you, just ask first.
  • In addition if you use the plugin on your server and would like us to check it out give your server ip below and you may receive a surprise visit! (Please no spam though)

Check out my youtube channel for more minecraft videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeq5KRqe5xy4vzp5aZqVt0g


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