Exploding Pigs



For version 1.8 to 1.17.1! 






* Make pigs explode!

* You can change the explosion power.

* You can change the delay of the explosion.

* You can change the range where the player must be standing in to activate the explosion.

* You can change every message in the config file.

* Turn the plugin on or off at any time.




/explodingpigs help  

Get information about the commands. It will only give information about a command if the player has permission to use that command - (no permission needed).


/explodingpigs setpower [number]
Change the power of the explosion. - (explodingpigs.setpower)

/explodingpigs setrange [number]

Change the range where the player must be standing in to activate the explosion. - (explodingpigs.setrange) 


/explodingpigs setdelay [number]
Change the explosion delay. - (explodingpigs.setdelay)

/explodingpigs changestatus
Turn the plugin on or off. - (explodingpigs.changestatus)

/explodingpigs reload
Reload the config file. - (explodingpigs.reload)


Use the permission explodingpigs.* to give access to all commands. 

Players with op have standard access to all the commands.



When a text line is removed in the config, the plugin will regenerate that text line automatically. You can also set the power, delay and range with the commands if you removed one of the options in the config file. You can also remove the config file entirely to regenerate the config file again.

The plugin will automatically check for updates. The plugin connects to a website to check the latest plugin version. You can disable update checks in the config file.


You can find the config file here:  

# the Config file for the Exploding Pigs plugin! Information about the config file can be found here: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/explodingpigs
  enabled: true
  range: 7
  delay: 2
  power: 3
  check-for-updates: true
  prefix: '&5[&d&lExploding Pigs&5]'
  help-header: '&d&lCommands:'
  help-reload: '&d&l/explodingpigs reload&5 - &dReload the config file.'
  reload-message: '&d&lThe config file is reloaded!'
  help-setpower: '&d&l/explodingpigs setpower&5 - &dChange the power of the explosion.'
  setpower-message: '&d&lThe power is changed to %power%!'
  help-setrange: '&d&l/explodingpigs setrange&5 - &dChange the range where the player
    must be standing in to activate the explosion.'
  setrange-message: '&d&lThe range is changed to %range%!'
  help-setdelay: '&d&l/explodingpigs setdelay&5 - &dChange the explosion delay.'
  setdelay-message: '&d&lThe delay is changed to %delay%!'
  help-changestatus: '&d&l/explodingpigs changestatus&5 - &dTurn the plugin on or
  changestatus-message: '&d&lThe plugin is %status%!'
  changestatus-on: '&d&lon'
  changestatus-off: '&d&loff'
  no-permission: '&cYou do not have permissions to do that!'
  no-number-error: '&cPlease enter a valid number!'
  too-many-arguments: '&cYou have given too many arguments! Type /explodingpigs help
    for the command list.'
  need-a-number: '&cPlease enter a number behind your last argument!'
  argument-error: '&cUnkown argument! Type /explodingpigs help for the commands.'


If you want to report a bug, please report it here: dev.bukkit.org/projects/explodingpigs/issues 

Thank you :)

Please do not report a bug in the comments!


Keep in mind: when you set the power of the explosion too high, there is a change that the server will crash. For example, power 10 is already quite a big explosion. I am not responsible for crashing servers! :)

You cannot share, publish, sell or copy this plugin without permission from the plugin owner! 

If you discover grammar or spelling mistakes, English is not my main language. Please correct me if you find a mistake. Thanks :)

And no, I don't hate pigs :)

 Made by NickKoepr








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