ExperienceMod is a plugin that makes it possible to add, or change, the types of player activity that awards experience points. This can be anything from mining blocks (also ensures no cheating with silk touch), placing blocks, crafting, brewing or even smelting.

Configure the experience system in Minecraft 1.3 to be more challenging, more like 1.2.5 - or, go the other way. You can experiment, finding a system that works for you. It's all configurable.

Up-to-date developer builds of this project can be acquired at my Jenkins server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


  • Modify or remove the dropped experience by a number of factors:
    • Name of mob or creature
    • The type of damage that killed the mob/creature. Deny experience from using splash potions!
    • Whether or not a mob has spawned from a monster spawner
  • Drop experience when placing and breaking blocks, along with crafting, brewing and smelting items:
    • By block name and durability, and whether it was placed by a player.
    • By potion effect, level, extended duration, and more.
  • Prevent experience loss upon death.
  • Set how much experience a player will get for killing another another.
  • Broadcast a message to the server or a specific channel (HeroChat and ChannelChat only) when experience is being awarded. You can also limit the rate of messages transmitted.
  • Use a different configuration for every world, or even particular players or groups.
  • Add experience to fishing!
  • Set a range of experience to drop. Can handle decimal numbers.
  • Use (optionally) permissions to decide who will be affected by the modifications.
  • Reward experience through currency (requires the Vault plugin).
    • Drop currency items instead of being given currency directly.
  • Reward by dropping additional items.
  • Change the maximum enchanting level from 30 to anything you'd like.
  • Set the amount of bookcases you need to get the maximum enchanting level.
  • Set how much experience you need to level up a level. Recreate the 1.2.5 experience system perfectly.


Note that the default configuration file has been written mostly to demonstrate the functionality of this plugin. The configuration page has some better (and more usable) examples, along with a detailed documentation.


/experiencemod reloadReloads the configuration filesexperiencemod.admin
/experiencemod debugToggles debug modeexperiencemod.admin
/experiencemod warningsDisplays the most recent parsing warnings.experiencemod.admin
/experiencemod item [action] [block]Displays the experience worth of a block/item.experiencemod.admin
/experiencemod mob [mob-name]Displays the experience worth of a mob.experiencemod.admin
/expmodAlias for the experiencemod command.experiencemod.admin
/spawnexp amountSpawn the given amount experience at the target location of the cursor.experiencemod.admin

Mod Support

This mod supports Tekkit servers and its custom blocks. Simply download and install ExperienceBridgeMod 1.2.0 to enable the feature.

The following client and server-side mods are supported:

More information can be found on the ExperienceBridgeMod page.


You can disable permissions in global.yml.

experiencemod.keepexpPrevents the loss of experience upon death.
experiencemod.maxenchantEnsures that the last slot on an enchantment table will always be the highest possible.
experiencemod.adminAllows administrators to reload or debug ExperienceMod.
experiencemod.infoAllows access to warning and debug messages.
experiencemod.rewards.blockRewards mining blocks with experience. Will not be awarded if the player has silk-touch.
experiencemod.rewards.bonusRewards destroying non-renewable blocks with experience. Will always be awarded, unlike block.
experiencemod.rewards.placingRewards placing blocks in the world.
experiencemod.rewards.craftingRewards crafting items with experience.
experiencemod.rewards.brewingRewards brewing potions with experience.
experiencemod.rewards.smeltingRewards smelting ores with experience.
experiencemod.rewards.fishingRewards fishing and failing to catch a fish.
autoupdate.announceReceive a notification when a new version of ExperienceMod is available.
autoupdate.updateDownload a new version, if available, for the next server restart.


Note: Not all permission plugins support options.

experiencePresetThe preset to load for this player or group. This allows you to have different configuration files for each world, group or even player.

Statistics Collection

This plugin uses MCStats to generate and publish anonymous usage statistics, but you can easily opt-out by setting use metrics in config.yml to false.

If enabled, the following is sent every ten minutes:

  • Metrics revision version (currently 5).
  • Server's GUID
  • Players currently online (not max player count)
  • Server version string (the same version string you see in /version)
  • Current version of ExperienceMod
  • Whether or not any of the optional plugins are installed AND hooked. This allows me to determine which plugins I should spend time supporting:
    • This includes: LogBlock, HawkEye, Vault, HeroChat, ChannelChat and ExperienceBridgeMod.
  • The number of "warnings" (configuration errors and general exceptions) encountered since the plugin was last reloaded.


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