List of services/mods that can be disabled:

StandardThe standard message system. Gives access to the global, world and private channels when HeroChat is unavailable.
HeroChatProvides access to HeroChat channels.
EconomyMakes it possible to reward using currency.
VirtualMakes it possible to directly reward experience, instead of spawning orbs.
ExperienceMakes it possible to reward experience through orbs.
LogBlockGives access to LogBlock and its database.
HawkEyeGives access to HawkEye and its database.
MemoryStores block changes in memory. The size of the registry can be configured.

In addtion, ExperienceBridgeMod adds the following services:

Build CraftAdds the automatic crafting table from BuildCraft.
Equivalent ExchangeAdds the transmutation table from EE.
Industrial Craft 2Adds IC2 processors and furnaces.
Industrial ExtensionsAdds the rotary macerator, singularity compressor and centrifuge compressor.
Rail CraftAdds Rail Craft ovens and furnaces.
Red Power 2Adds RP2 furnaces and project table.


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