ExperienceMod 2.4.0


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    Aug 11, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R1.0




  • The mod doesn't yet prevent the new experience drops from occurring, however there's now a safe way of fixing this - download and install the plugin NoVanillaExperienceMod.


  • Added the ability to change how much experience the enchanting level requires:
    • Change the maximum enchanting level from 30 to anything you'd like.
    • Set the amount of bookcases you need to get the maximum enchanting level.
  • Leveling rates: Added a way of changing how much experience you need to level up a level. This can be set either level by level, or by using a general mathematical expression. This will allow you to revert the experience system back to 1.2.5 flawlessly.
  • Added support for ChannelChat.


  • Made the default configuration more in line with the rate of 1.3. Delete config.yml to receieve this update.
  • Ranges can now be expressed as '1 - 10', in addition to the old format of [1, 10].
  • Switched to a more efficient virtual experience system that should scale well with the new leveling rate feature.
  • The AutoUpdate feature now checks that the version online is newer before informing of an update.
  • Added a preset cache - this should improve performance if the underlying permission system doesn't cache options.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing the drops reward from being displayed in the command line.
  • Forgot to cancel block breaking if there's insufficient funds (penalties).
  • Fixed the configuration not loading in virtual rewards.
  • Fixed a couple of NPE errors in reward virtual.


  • Renamed "Range" to "SampleRange".

You must use the NoVanillaExperienceMod (see above) to override vanilla experience drops.