ExperienceMod 2.2.0


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    Jul 23, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0




  • You can now prevent players from getting experience or currency when mining blocks they or other player have placed. Simply add |!player at the end of your item queries. Note that you must be using LogBlock or HawkEye for this feature to work with blocks placed more than ten minutes in the past.
  • A message queue system. Now messages of similar actions, such as mining diamond, will be combined and occur less frequently (configurable).
  • Negative rewards are counted as penalties, and will revoke certain actions when a player has insufficient funds (currency or experience). If you add, say, a cost of 5 exp to place TNT, a player will be unable to place TNT if he or she has zero experience.
  • Support for Tekkit Servers! Using the mod ExperienceBridgeMod, you can add support for:
  • Added global settings:
    • Disable the use of permissions.
    • Prevent ExperienceMod from connecting to certain plugins.
    • Some simple memory settings.

Small changes

  • You can now use the abbreviation "expmod" instead of "experiencemod" in the command line.

API changes

  • Added getMobReward() and getPlayerReward() to the main plugin class.

Bug fixes

  • Cleanup after player logs out of the server.
  • Prepare code for multithreading.
  • The experience prevention feature has some issues:
    • It may affect performance negatively if used in conjunction with blocks that are quickly mined, such as dirt or sand, and the two logging mods (LogBlock or HawkEye).
    • The feature will not work for falling gravel or sand.