The Experienced Miner

The Experienced Miner
Version: 1.2
Author: KrazyTheFox


  • Awards experience when blocks are broken
  • Easily customizable rewards and blocks
  • Supports every block type
  • Has anti-cheat now! Player placed blocks won't award experience, unless this feature is disabled in the config.


  • None


  • None yet. (If you have ideas for some, please share!)

The config.yml file will automatically generate if it doesn't already exist. To remove a block from the exp drop list, simply remove the appropriate lines from the config. To add a new block, add 2 new lines to the file:

Num_MATERIAL_NAME: <amount>
Exp_MATERIAL_NAME: <amount>

The first line controls how many blocks of the specified type should be broken before the experience on the second line is awarded.

The anti-cheat feature is enabled by default, but if you want to turn it off, simply add the following to a new line in your config:
Anti-Cheat: false


Fixed Glowing redstone ore missing from the default configs.

Added an anti-cheating feature and fixed a bug caused when a number of blocks was less than 1 in the config.


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