Experience Bank II

Go to any EXP bank sign, see your own stats, and deposit or withdraw EXP. Just one EXP bank can manage the EXP of the whole server.

Click here for the SPANISH documentation

[Experience Bank II v0.1.0]

This plugin was created at the request of Stormbow (Check him out :) )

It uses a similar mechanic to my other plugin: Individual Signs Plus
- You can walk up to any EXP Bank sign and see your OWN stats!
- There is no limit to how many people can look at and use a single sign
- You can have as many signs as you would like
- Sign locations are NEVER stored in any database
- Completely configurable sign text (6 placeholders to choose from)
- 100% Ready and compatible with UUIDs in 1.8
- Optional MySQL table for stored EXP

More features coming soon! (tell me if you want something adding)

EXP Bank


Permission node: expbank.create
Place a sign and type: [EXP] on the first line (configurable)
- The sign should now be created


Permission node: expbank.use
To deposit 1lvl: LEFT CLICK
To deposit everything: SHIFT + LEFT CLICK
To withdraw 1lvl: RIGHT CLICK
To withdraw everything: SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK
- ^requires the permission node expbank.use.bottle


expbank.create - to create the sign
expbank.use - to use the sign
expbank.use.bottle - used to withdraw EXP as a bottle


LANGUAGE: change the language file to use

SettingDescriptionDefault Value
languageThe yml file to use for the messagesenglish

TEXT: change the appearance of the signs

SettingDescriptionDefault Value
versionThe plugin versionversion specific
text.1The appearance of line 1 of an EXP BANK---EXP---
text.2The appearance of line 2 of an EXP BANK{player}
text.3The appearance of line 3 of an EXP BANK{expbank}
text.4The appearance of line 4 of an EXP BANK---===---
text.createThe text to enter on a sign to create an EXP BANK[EXP]

The following placeholders can be used in the lines of the sign
- {player} - the player's name
- {expbank} - the stored exp
- {lvlbank} - the stored exp in levels
- {lvlbank2} - no. of levels you will gain if you withdraw
- {exp} - the player's current exp
- {lvl} - the player's exp level

STORAGE: set limits on how much EXP can be stored

~ Storage is used to set exp bank storage limits for different users.

SettingDescriptionDefault Value
storage.defaultThe default limit (no permission associated)825

To add a new limit, simply create a new key under storage. e.g. "donator"
A player with the permission node expbank.limit.donator will then have this as their new limit
- The permission with the highest limit has priority

MYSQL: use MySQL to store a player's exp

SettingDescriptionDefault Value
mysql.connection.hostThe host for the MySQL databaselocalhost
mysql.connection.portThe port to use to connect to MySQL3306
mysql.connection.usernameYour MySQL usernameroot
mysql.connection.passwordYour MySQL password
mysql.connection.databaseThe name of the database to usemysql
mysql.connection.tableThe name of the MySQL table to useexpbank
mysql.enabledWhether MySQL should be enabled or notfalse


[Standalone Class]

Please PM me if you need some help in creating a standalone plugin with similar mechanics.
Alternatively you could use my InSignsPlus API


- Individual Messages features
- Add a command to withdraw/deposit exp (if you dislike the signs)
- Add a command to trade exp with other players
- Multiworld support?
- Add a command to see a table of how much EXP is in each level.


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