Hey guys. I'll present you my first official public bukkit plugin!

Ladies & Gentlemen. Here is, as simple as awesome, ... ExpClear! It's the beginning of a big bukkit developer career and a plugin revolution and you can be one of the first using my plugin ;)

What is ExpClear?

Ever wanted to just clear your experience? Well, now you can! With ExpClear you can simply clear your experience by command. User will get a message, which inform their how much exp level the plugin cleared. It's just a fun for the whole family and a MUST-HAVE for all servers. You can also clear other players' exp. With permissions support, of course ;)


Just put ExpClear.jar in your plugins folder and restart your server. This awesome plugin doesn't need any other plugins to work!

How to use

Just use /expclear or /xpclear and your exp will be cleared. Use an online player as the argument and his exp will be cleared! For example: /xpclear Notch

Don't forget to set the permissions: Permission node to clean the own experience - expclear.use Permission node to clean other players experience - expclear.use.other Permission node to may everything - expclear.* Btw: You can edit the messages in the config file.

Known Bugs

- After performing the command, a message with "/expclear" appears.

Please write in the comments if anything is not correctly english ;)


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