Originally created for archcry, executePHP enables players to type a command along with a code which will execute an external PHP script somewhere on your website. This is great for server owners that want their players to verify their Minecraft account, with their website/forums account.


  • Easy and simple to configure.
  • Can be used for simple to very complex tasks.
  • Automatic update notifier.
  • Customisable return messages.


  • /executePHP - Shows the executePHP help page.
  • /executePHP reload [executePHP.reload] - Reloads the executePHP configuration file.
  • /verify <code> [executePHP.verify] - Will trigger the external PHP script with the optional variables.


Here are the variables you can use when defining your executePHP URL in the configuration file.

  • %username% - The username of the player who executed the command.
  • %code% - The code that the player entered with the command.
  • %uuid% - The UUID of the player who executed the command.

Have more ideas for variables? Suggest them in a ticket! (Not the comments)

Configuration Guide

#executePHP Configuration File
#Should executePHP check for updates on startup? Recommended to keep this at true.
checkUpdate: true
#The URL to submit the request to.
URL: http://localhost/executePHP?name=%username%&code=%code%
#The message displayed to the player when waiting for a response.
verifyingMessage: '&bVerifying your code, please wait...'
#This is the results section. You can have as little results as you want, or as much as you want.
  success: '&aSuccessfully verifed code!'
  incorrect: '&cIncorrect code!'
  already-verified: '&6You have already verifed your code.'
  error: '&4We seroiusly have no idea.'

Example PHP Script

	if (!empty($_GET['username']) && !empty($_GET['code'])){
		$name = $_GET['username'];
		$code = $_GET['code'];
		switch ($code){
			case "sugar":
				echo "success";
			case "milk":
				echo "incorrect";
			case "wheat":
				echo "already-verified";
				echo "error";
	} else {
		echo "Error: No URL Variables.";

executePHP includes an automatic update feature. You can disable this in the global Updater configuration, or in executePHP's configuration file.

Planned Features

The following are planned features of executePHP. If you have any suggestions, please submit them in a ticket!

  • PHP script will run async. (Helps performance.)
  • Timed out feature. (If the php script doesn't respond in x seconds, the plugin will throw an error no matter what.)
  • Return commands. (Run commands based on the return value.)



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