Excursion — A teleport plugin for Bukkit

Excursion is a teleport plugin for Bukkit which remembers each player's previous location in each world.

Please post bugs and/or feature requests as dev.bukkit.org tickets.


  • When leaving a world (via the /visit command), the player's location within that world is saved. When the player revisits that world, they are teleported to their saved location.

  • Worlds can be blacklisted/excluded from this behavior, forcing players to always teleport to the world's spawn point.

  • Worlds can be grouped! When a player leaves a grouped world, in addition to the player's location, the player's world is also saved. When the player revisits that group, they are teleported to the exact world and location they left from.

    To make things clearer, suppose there are 3 worlds: WorldA, WorldB, and WorldC. WorldA and WorldB are put in a group with WorldA as the "primary world." When a player visits this group for the first time (by using /visit on either WorldA or WorldB), the player will teleport to WorldA's spawn point.

    Let's now say the player is in WorldB and visits WorldC. When the player returns to the group, they will teleport back to their saved location in WorldB.

    NOTE: Due to the nature of grouping, some other method must be used to allow players to move between worlds of a group — for example, nether gates and portals.

  • Worlds (and groups) can have aliases.

  • A delay may be configured per world (or group). When a player leaves that world with the /visit command, they will be forced to wait the configured number of seconds before actually being teleported away. With a delay enabled, you may optionally configure that the teleport be cancelled if the player attacks, receives damage, or moves a significant amount.

Installation & Configuration

Simply drop Excursion.jar in your Bukkit server's plugins directory. Start up your server. This will create an Excursion directory and default config.yml within the plugins directory. See that file for configuration details.

Commands & Permissions

The basic command is:

/visit <world>

Where <world> is the name of a world or a group.

/excursion reload

Re-reads config.yml.

Permission nodes are:

  • excursion.visit - Allows use of the /visit command.
  • excursion.visit.now - Allows the use of the -n (or --now) option with the /visit command. This bypasses any delay configured into the current world.
  • excursion.visit.other - Allows specifying a player with the /visit command, e.g. /visit creative ZerothAngel. This may be useful for scripts or other situations where commands are executed automatically.
  • excursion.access.<world> - Allows visiting <world>. You must use the exact name of the world directory in your server directory!
  • excursion.access.* - Allows visiting all worlds.
  • excursion.reload - Allows use of the /excursion reload command

Operators have all permissions by default.

License & Source

Excursion is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Sources may be found on GitHub:

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

To Do

  • Automated or manual cleanup of stale saved locations.
  • Perhaps simple import/export to allow for easier database schema upgrades.


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