Excavate makes it easy to make large, complex areas with a few clicks of a button. It's a very simple admin tool that I used a lot back in hMod, and have not found a replacement for.

To start using it, drag and drop Excavate.jar into your plugins folder, and make sure you have the proper permissions. (see below)

To use the tool, get a diamond pick, and type /excavate tool toggle

This will turn on the tool feature of the plugin, and when you right click it will make a hole 10 blocks long.

You can also hold it down and move your cursor to hollow an entire wall in seconds.

You can change the length of your tool by using /excavate tool set [number], but the default is 10 blocks.

To use the tunnel, type /excavate tunnel toggle

This will turn on the tunnel feature of the plugin, and when you move it will automatically fill the space around you with air, allowing you to easily create tunnels or paths above or under ground, as well as quickly get rid of blocks in an area just by walking past them.

Here is a video if you still don't get it :D


excavate.tool -> Access to the tool and it's configuration

excavate.tunnel -> Access to the tunnel feature.

Feel free to open a ticket for any suggestions or improvements, please don't use comments to do that.


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