This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Seems like the Bukkit Staff is taking some time approving our plugin. In the meanwhile you can download the latest version from here.

Register custom messages for player join, death, kick, etc. With EventMessages you finally can get rid of these pesky standard messages of Bukkit. But you can do even more! How 'bout automated notices like "Map is saving. Expect a little lag." or custom death messages? Everything's possible.


  • Color and formatting codes
  • Variables
  • Fully customizable
  • Listen on every possible event
  • Very vibrant: ask for a feature and will implement it in no time


Simply download the EventMessages.jar and put it in your plugins folder. Then reload or restart the server. That's it! EventMessages is up and running, you can test it by rejoining your server or issueing the command /em.

You can now customize and tweak EventMessages to your likings. See Configuration.

If /em doesn't work, please refer to Troubleshooting.


There are two ways of configuring EventMessages: The config.yml file and the in-game chat console. We'll start with the config.yml file, which is located here ./plugins/EventMessages/config.yml and contains all of EventMessages settings.


There are two main nodes: strings is used for EventMessages internal messages (you can translate to suit your server's language) whereas messages is the very core; here are all the messages for the specific events defined.


  • reloaded is the message displayed when you reload EventMessages via /em reload.
  • configSet is the message displayed when you set a message in-game via /em set [event] [message].
    This string takes the variables %event and %message.
  • configUnset is the message displayed when you remove a message in-game via /em unset [event].
    This string takes the variable %event.


Please read the Development Notice.

You can listen on virtually every event. They are sorted into heir respective modules, so everything stay clean and tidy. For a full list of the standard events, refer to Events. Custom events are defined via messages.custom.*.


It the easiest to understand EventMessages, by looking at the automatically generated config.yml.

  reloaded: '&a>&f Reloaded EventMessages.'
  configSet: '&a>&f Set EventMessage for &6%event&f to &6''&r%message&6''&f.'
  configUnset: '&a>&f Removed EventMessage for &6%event&f.'
    join: '&6>&f %player is &aonline&f.'
    quit: '&6>&f %player is &coffline&f.'
    kick: '&6>&f %player was &ckicked&f.'
    ban: '&6>&f %player was &4banned&f.'
    death: '&6>&f %player died.'

Pretty self explanatory. If you still have questions, ask us in the forum thread. :)

After changing the values you have to reload the configuration via /em reload or a complete server reload (/reload).

In-game configuration

We always recommend to directly edit the config.yml and then /em reload, becuase you directly see what you get and typing isn't such a hassle. But if you wish to use the in-game chat or CLI, there you go.

EventMessages comes with three commands. You already learnt the first one: /em reload or /emreload. This reloads the configuration.

The second is /em set [event] [message], respectively /emset [event] [message] which sets a certain message for an event. [event] has to be a valid node like player.join.
/emset player.quit &4Bye, Bye %player.

Disabling a message is easy as well. /em unset [event] or /emunset [event] is what you want.
I personally think that those death notifications are quite pesky. So let's disable them.
/emunset player.death

You could also use /em set player.death and just leave out the [message]. Just some syntax sugar.


By default OPs have the ability to use all the /em commands. If you want to give these permissions to other use eventmessages.*. For a finer control look here:

  • eventmessages.reload grants access to the /em reload command
  • eventmessages.admin grants access to the (un-)setting command


  • player
    • join
    • quit
    • kick
    • ban
    • death


So far, we haven't encounterd any problems. Report us some. :D

Development notice

EventMessages is still under heavy development. We're planing to implement more extras and stuff. Currently EventMessages only supports the player.(join|quit|kick|ban|death) events. But we're working on allowing dynamic access to all events, including custom events.


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