EventEffects is a plugin which allows you to set potion effects for a player when certain events take place. With EventEffects you can set any potion effect (even ones that are not available in-game), for any duration and level, for many differemt events.

Features (so far):

  • Can give any potion effect, for any duration and level, for many different events (see Events (so far))
  • Can also send a command via the console for many different events.
  • Permission nodes for each event, to exempt a player from receiving the effects from those events, Ops are exempt by default.
  • Enable/Disable events and effects in config.yml.
  • Configurable to remove a player's previous potion effects.

Events (so far):

  • Teleporting
  • Respawning
  • Joining Server
  • Moving
  • Item Breaking
  • Exp Changing
  • Changing World (configurable worlds)
  • Entering A Bed
  • Receiving Damage From An Entity (configurable entities)
  • Enchanting An Item
  • Killing a player
  • Killing an entity (configurable entities)
  • Block break (configurable blocks and whether players can use silktouch)


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In Progress or Planned

  • More events to add effects to (such as talking, eating, being low on health, etc...).
  • Configurable whether Move event only detects x and z coordinates.
  • New effects: Invisible, night-vision
  • Configurable whether Ops are exempt by default or not.
  • Cooldown for events
  • Allow infinite duration of effects.

Latest Update:

See ChangeLog EventEffects 1.3

Coming In Next Update:

This is what I have coded and will definately be in the next update, so there maybe more than the list below.

Please create a ticket for any ideas or bugs.

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